The Secret Formula for More Signups in your Business

People drive businesses. Whether moving a product or a service, we need people for that to be successful, right? And, more so in the network marketing space, more signups equate to larger sales teams. Larger sales teams move more products or services. So, I want to give you my ‘secret‘ formula for generating new and more signups in your business.

Some of you reading this may find yourself already in one of the stages of the formula but guess what? In my own humble opinion, we need them all. From the start through the finish, they all play their part.

The Secret Formula for More Signups

Please take some time to watch the video I’ve included here because it will give you more details on executing these steps. (it’s an oldie but a goodie)

However, I also want to include the 4-step strategy here for you to take note of and how you can gain more signups that, frankly, if you’re working your business — you deserve it!

Let’s rock.

Reach Out


People business, right?

What are you doing to reach out to new people?

How are you connecting with previous customers or prospects for your business? Conversations are the lifeline of any funnel. And so, stop waiting for others to flock to you — go out there and initiate the dialogue. Think about it this way; you have an incredible product or service to help people who need to hear from you!

Don’t be selfish.

The Conversation


After you’ve reached out to people, in this phase this is where you continue those conversations. You are:

  • Loving people.
  • Learning more about them.
  • Creating those relationships and working on that level of trust we know is imperative to business success.


Remember, keep it human — this isn’t a phase where you spam or solicit business. Yes, it may take dozens of conversations to get to a place where it shifts to business but be patient. The wait is worth it.

Time to Expose the Business


Now that you’ve nurtured those conversations, it’s time to expose the business. You should know their pain points, interests, etc., and use these at gateways to share what you have going on. Want more signups in your business? You can’t be afraid to go for the yes. Otherwise, the answer will always be no.

Shifting to the Conversion and Close


One major thing I need you to take away from this is to get rid of the jargon ‘join me‘. This was a staple close for far too long. This is a business, right? The best way to go for the close is something like this;

‘Sounds like you’re ready to get started; let’s make it happen’.

Of course, I encourage you to use your phrasing.

However, the message should stay the same.

They are about to launch a business with you — be presumptuous that they are ready to start.

As always, I hope you found this valuable and that you’re ready to share it with your colleagues, team members, business partners and so on. Let’s focus on helping you (and others) attain more signups the right way using social media!


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