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3 Simple Principles to Get More Engagement on Facebook

I don’t need more engagement on Facebook – said no one ever! Everyone loves engagement and, the more — the better. Primarily because we can make a loose parallel that more engagement could equate to more sales.

This goes for anyone in any industry. Especially however, in network marketing.

More engagement on posts helps with things like; social proof, audience reach, relationships, and more. The more people who engage with your Facebook posts, increases the amount of people who are exposed to your content. And, we know this is a great thing.

So, this post is for you if you have been seeing a lull in those likes, shares and comments or, you are just looking to take it to the next level.

3 Simple Principles to Get More Engagement on Facebook


Just showing up on Facebook isn’t enough anymore. Experienced marketers know that you can’t just throw a bunch of posts out there and hope that something sticks. Audiences today are so inundated with content that network marketers need to find new ways to reach out, rather than passively waiting for people to engage.

And the key here is engagement – two-way, meaningful, high-value conversations. Essentially, the ‘social’ part of ‘social media‘.

#1 Way to get more Engagement on Facebook – Valuable Content


We know, you are probably thinking to yourself … ‘OK, we get it content is important‘. And, you would absolutely be right in that thought – but it’s bigger than that.

Content is Everything

Here are a handful of questions to ask yourself when posting new content. Please note: this applies to any content you share; video, written, images, etc. Regardless of the medium it needs to ‘solve’ a problem.

  1. Is it helpful? Are you actually solving a problem?
  2. Is it specific, tangible, and a real customer problem?
  3. Does it deliver on its promise. Here’s the deal, we know you know the problem but does the advice actually show them how to solve it?
  4. Is it actionable? After reading the content, what can the reader go and immediately apply to their life?
  5. You are proud to share it.


One of the best ways to ensure that you are delivering quality content to your audience is by using or creating a content calendar. When you are able to map out what your content schedule is going to look like more engagement will just follow suit. We have some great content already on our website about content so we won’t go into too much detail — but here’s the primary reason a content calendar will boost your engagement.

Having a content calendar will allow you to:

  1. Manage new ideas to execute
  2. Improve brainstorming and research (content and images)
  3. Build on content for future use
  4. Identify what’s working and frankly, what’s not
  5. Plan out images to take/design/edit/filter
  6. Stay consistent


Action: Do yourself a favor, spend at least 15 minutes today writing down the types of content you want to cover for the rest of the month. Remember this is just a rough, off the top of your head type of list for today. Include topics you want to cover, videos you want to do, images you want to create, etc.

Don’t put this off until another day – just do it today.

Need help planning out your content? Check out my Impact Content Calendar here

#2 Way to get more Engagement on Facebook – Reciprocate


Do me a favor, think back to the last time someone you don’t typically engage with, commented or engaged in some way with your Facebook content. Now that you’ve thought about it, go a bit further … When you went back to your newsfeed we would bet that you started seeing posts from that very same person, right?

Facebook will always reward reciprocity. Why? Because it was designed as a social platform — meaning, be social!! Want more engagement on your posts? Engage more with others!

Now, let’s qualify with what that does NOT mean;

* It does not mean going through your newsfeed at rapid pace liking everything you come across.

* This doesn’t mean commenting just to comment – be genuine, and mean it.

I think you get the drift.

Take the extra time to find people you are connected with and haven’t connected with in a while – and engage. This can be on any type of posts and videos – get out there with meaningful engagement and the result will be more engagement for you.

Action: Spend 15 minutes today engaging with people you haven’t been social with in the last 3 months. A great way to locate these people (this can be easier said than done) is to just go into your Facebook Messenger and scroll down until names are listed alphabetically — select the first names you don’t recognize. (even though you are ‘Friends’)

#3 Way to get more Engagement on Facebook – Authenticity


People will make judgements about your brand based on the way you engage with them on social media. So always be authentic. Take time to discover who you are and what you want to share with the world about that person. Know your social media brand voice (we’ll spend more time on this topic soon).

This is particularly important because 80% of people on social media choose to follow people and brands based on whether their content feels and sounds authentic.

In fact, people often unfollow for not having a ‘personality’ – don’t fall victim to this.

As social media expert Jay Baer has said:

“Don’t just give your customers something to talk about, give them somebody to talk about.”

Action: Start a brainstorm sheet of all the things you believe represent who you are. Then, on another sheet, brainstorm a list of all the things you believe your company to be. Looking at both lists, and this can be ongoing, find the parallels of who you are — and why the business you chose.

This information, will help you start to identify more clearly who your ideal audience is and what will translate best with them.

As always, I hope you found this helpful and would love to hear from you in the comments about your ideas for engagement or which ones you intend on applying to your business – today.

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