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Month End Business Tips for Network Marketers

Are you in the network marketing profession and you are getting ready to close your month? This post is going to help you going into month end of your business without being ‘spammy Pammy‘. You see, when you close your month with wild sales or desperate posts (you know the ones) .. you are burning out your audience. Especially, going into your next month.

So, instead of becoming ‘Pammy’ at month end here are a few tips I believe will help you close out the month strong. And, set the right foundation moving forward.

Month End Business Tips for Network Marketers

First and foremost, know that I believe with a solid DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and sticking with it consistently — is best suited for all month long. Including, the end of the month if your business. See, how confusing is it for your audience when you are delivering;

  1. Great value
  2. Consistent content they relate to
  3. Personal moments (friends, family or otherwise)

… only to have you near the end of the month and that goes away. Only to be replaced with sale posts or the ones that read ‘have room for 4 more people this month!’. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this stuff. Remember, relationships over transactions. Don’t risk tarnishing your reputation for a quick sale.

Tip #1 – Your job is to help encourage them towards a decision

Your ‘job’ is not to sell. Your role however is to help provide a solution to pain points that lead your prospect to a buying decision. This isn’t done overnight. It’s rare people will cold message you and say whatever you’re selling I’m buying, right? Talk to them, open up some dialogue, learn about them and listen. This applies to the beginning, middle and month end of your business. Guide, don’t direct.

Tip #2 – Stop spamming your audience with sale posts

When you spam your company sales at the end of the month – or any time in general – you are creating 2 problem areas (in my opinion).

  1. Your audience who already buys from you, will often wait for the sales instead of purchasing regularly. Key in our industry is residual income, right?
  2. You will burn out your audience that you worked strong on through the month and quick unfollow could be in their near future with you.

Tip #3 – Sharing your company sales/revenue isĀ not a recruiting tool!

Ask yourself this; do you care how much revenue a company brings in as a consumer? No, of course not! Broadcasting your sales, revenue or other financial claims is really for you and your team. Too often, prospects are turned off by numbers that frankly don’t impact them. Sure, it’s great to talk about the successes, without using numbers.

And a friendly reminder that income claims go against everything our industry stands for. We are in the people business. Spend more time connecting and engaging with your audience instead of spending the time to broadcast your numbers that really, only affect you and your fellow distributors.

How do you work your business at month end? Would love your tips and tricks in the comments so that we can all benefit and eliminate the nonsense (sorry!) that happens at this time of the month.


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