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Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Must Avoid To Have Success

We all makes mistakes, right? In the land of entrepreneurship we make a lot of them! But, there are 2 mistakes online entrepreneurs tend to make all too often and in my own humble opinion, it’s tainting their success.

See, mistakes can be valuable lessons for us to learn and grow from however, when we make the same ones over and over it’s probably time to try something different. It’s quite possible you are guilty of them without even realizing you’re doing it. In this blog and video I’m going to help you identify them and grow through them

Whether you are a solopreneur, coach, entrepreneur, network marketer or otherwise — we can all learn from this post. So, be sure to share it with your teams and colleagues so that you can ALL attain the success you desire and deserve.

2 Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Keep Making!

Mistakes help us understand that our biggest enemy can be ourselves, right? By overcoming our ‘shortcomings’, we become stronger people as we come to know our own strengths and weaknesses. It wouldn’t be as easy for us to understand ourselves without the mistakes we have made.

Having said that, learning from them is key. The 2 most common mistakes online entrepreneurs continue to make are;

  1. Non-serving conversations and,
  2. Not creating enough content.

Let me explain.

What are ‘non-serving conversations’? Well, these are conversations that you are having online that are NOT serving you. They aren’t adding benefit to your mind, body or soul. It’s those unproductive debates or going as far as arguing with others — more specifically about your business.

There will always be naysayers.

They exist everywhere. So, do yourself a favor and next time you catch yourself in a back-and-forth with someone — bow out. It is always OK to leave a conversation that is not serving you. Think about it like this; each time you engage in these conversations, you are taking away time from your customers, clients, team members, etc.

Non-Serving conversations are never productive for you or, for the people you serve. They can act like those energy vampires, right? Instead, spend this energy on things that do serve you and your business. I’ve found that these mistakes online entrepreneurs make are often with the best of intentions but it’s important to recognize when these conversations are acting as a disservice.

Remember, you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. You do not need to please everyone — but you do need to be committed to serving yourself and the people you are seeking to impact.

Next up …


‘Everywhere you go, there you are!’ Content is your way of demonstrating who you are, what you offer, who you serve and so on, in the online world. Content can be made up of all sorts of mediums too;

  1. Social media posts
  2. Videos
  3. Blogs
  4. Podcasts

… and many more.

In order to stand out in the online space you need to be creating consistent content. I know, I know — I continue to talk about content a whole lot and yet it continues to be among the biggest mistakes online entrepreneurs are making.

Gaining your credibility, integrity and authority in your respective industries are all gained through content. You should be focusing on creating content every single day that is empowering, educational and entertaining. Mix things up in your content strategy but more than anything — get it out there!

You, your brand and your business all deserve a place online however, it’s up to you to earn it.

Success Hack:

The more aware you become of the non-serving conversations and, the more consistent you are with your content … you WILL propel your business forward. These mistakes will happen but do your best to avoid them and/or learn from them.

Are there other mistakes online entrepreneurs are making that you notice more than others? Would love your feedback in the comments because my goal is to serve and impact the entrepreneurial communities — everywhere!

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