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3 Facebook Mistakes that are Costing you Followers

For those of us building an online businesses, harnessing the power of our audience is critical to success. Our audience is not only the people who can eventually turn into supporters, customers, and clients – but they also feed us ideas for blog posts, courses, products, services, and so on. And although most of us know this — there are 3 common mistakes that are costing you followers.

See, creating trust, loyalty, and a value given and received relationship with your audience takes time, work, and perseverance.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t ready to put in the work. However, here you are — so you are after it and I applaud you for that! In this post (and video) I’m going to call out the most common mistakes made on Facebook and how to avoid costing you any more followers.

3 Facebook Mistakes that are Costing you Followers

It’s human nature to want people to like you, right? But like-ability doesn’t always convert to sales. Be clear on your goals, as this can help you assess the success of building your business later on. When you pair your desired outcome with avoiding the following mistakes costing you followers — you are closer than you think.

Mistake #1 — You’re not Branding Yourself

… too many people are out there branding someone else’s company or quite frankly, nothing at all. Now, what I have come to understand the most about this is that most people don’t even know where to start. Here are 3 ways you can start to work on branding yourself on social media;

  1. Create a mission statement — what is the goal of your business and you, as the owner?
  2. Define your target audience. Who are you aiming to serve?
  3. Provide generic value to your audience while, becoming the go-to on those topics.

Put yourself out there because …

… Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

costing you followers

Mistake #2 — You’re Selling too Much!

Among the biggest mistakes that is costing you followers is that you are selling too much. Meaning, it outweighs that value you’re giving. And, we all know this (and with fear of being redundant …) people buy from those that they know, like and trust. TRUST being the biggest one of all.

How can people learn to trust you when all you do is sell to them? They can’t! So consider this goal to implement in your daily method of operations; earn the trust of more people.

I get it, how do you sell if you’re not ‘selling’. Well, you would be surprised at how many sales can be converted through value, education and even entertainment. Let people see WHO you are and WHAT you can do for them!

Mistake #3 — You don’t have a Content Plan

Based on client conversations and posts that occur in my Facebook communities, the common trend when it comes to content is ‘I don’t know what to post!’. Now think about it this way … if you’re unsure how can your audience be sure? Or, if you are all over the map with your content all you’re doing is confusing them too!

Without quality and consistent content … you will not generate a solid online presence (or business!)

If you do need help in this area, be sure to check out my Impact Content Calendar (just click here). This resource will help you create 30 days of content in as little as 30 minutes.

Overall, I hope that you are not committing these mistakes that are costing you followers and in the event that you are — time to correct them — TODAY! Let me know how I can help you explode your business in the weeks, months and years to come.

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