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Take this Chaos and Create Meaningful Memories Instead

Now that we’re all living in a world of chaos, workers and students are home, businesses are closed and events are cancelled … A lot of parents (and others) are wondering what they can do! It’s going to be important to create new routines and create meaningful memories to spend these long days at home.

The following suggestions are simple and will help you structure your day and create a better sense of control. See, last week after a great workout, knowing we were soon to be quarantined to the house, I drove down to the local sports store.

Initially I was headed there in search of some dumbbell weights to keep working out from home for the next few weeks. Low and behold, they were sold out. I guess everyone else had the same idea.

I was bummed but continued walking around the store – killing some time. 

It’s then, I saw the basketball hoops.

I recalled a few conversations with my kids about how we needed one outside. And, I thought about all of the time they may end up spending inside. Definitely frustrating, right? 

Or, the time we could be creating meaningful memories OUTSIDE shooting hoops together. So, I grabbed the hoop and surprised the kids when I got home! Keira and I spent 5 hours the next afternoon in the garage putting it together. 

You might be wondering why I’m sharing this with you well, the bonding moments we had were priceless. And, that goes with the last few days of all of us shooting hoops together is what I had dreamed of happening.

Experiences and memories were the goal. Mission accomplished. 

I would love to help you do the same. Because the reality is, here we are … much of the world in the same situation as we find ourselves in, right? Why not make the most of it and find some new routines especially if we’re able to work from home. 

Take this Chaos and Create Meaningful Memories (and a few Productivity Tips too!)

These ideas may fit into your business world in fact, don’t hesitate to share some goodies with your audience too! Helping people get through the loneliness or boredom is a great way to connect. It’s so relatable right now which is why I’m sure, you can relate to the basketball hoops.

Refine your Goals

Some of us made a list of goals at the beginning of the year. Some of the timelines may have shifted a bit but, what can you do to modify them to stay on track? It will help you visualize life after the ‘lockdown‘ and help you prioritize the coming months. If you’re making a new list of goals, be sure to include larger home projects you would like to complete, ideas for things you want to do with your kids and professional goals too.

Minimize your Neglected Email Inbox

Spend 15 minutes deleting, filing and unsubscribing from emails. You’ll be amazed at how much you can lighten your inbox in a small amount of time. For an added bonus, do this every day for a full week. Use this time to declutter it so that you can be more aware of the lists you are on that aren’t serving you and those that are.

Send your Customers or Team Notes

Write those thank you cards that you have had on your to-do list for the past few months. It will make you feel good to keep up some connection offline, and the receiver will be thrilled to open some real mail. Do a little something that sets you apart and, creates a great personalized follow-up strategy.

Meal Planning – Include your Family!

With everyone at home, you will have to make a few more meals a day, right? Spend 20 minutes one day a week thinking through lunches and dinners. This will make mealtimes feel less stressful and rushed, and you can make sure you have everything you need in advance. With stores having limited inventory, ensuring you can prepare what you want is important. People are already stressed being home, let’s alleviate some of it.

Unplug for Set Times Everyday

Listen, it was not an easy task for me to unplug for those 5 hours last week. But, I can tell you this … once we got going I didn’t even notice the time passing because I was too busy creating meaningful moments with Keira. And, more of those moments with the other kids shooting around. Take time to unplug whether it be to spend uninterrupted time with your family or, time to just check out.

Self-Care is among the most important things right now, don’t lose sight of that.

Give your Bookshelves a Facelift

Lastly, take all the books and items off one bookshelf in the house. Put books that you no longer want and send for donation then, wipe down the shelves and put everything back fresh and new. You know, you may surprise yourself which books you’ve had and never ‘got to’. Or, give yourself a good reason to pick a new one!

Overall, I hope you find ways to create meaningful memories despite the chaos we’re all experiencing. Make sure you are setting aside time for yourself and, being present with those that ‘can’ be around you. Be the light in this darker time — spread that light, build those basketball nets and make some magical moments. Create some impact.


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