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How to have Meaningful Conversations in Messenger

Think about the number of conversations you have in a day. Now, think about how many of those are meaningful conversations. This post is geared to those already having consistent conversations (which we should all be doing!).

Whether they be cold market or warm – you will want to dive into this one. Because let’s be honest, too often we’re connecting just to say ‘we’ve connected’ – but have you really connected with that person?

Messenger and text conversations can be tough, right? Often there are huge delays in responses or, you are bombarded with one word answers. How do you fix that and how can you create dialogue between people where they are made to feel that they are the only one that exists.

Multitasking is a brilliant skill but it is also a conversation killer.

How to have Meaningful Conversations in Messenger


Consistent conversations are a key foundation to growing your business online. By now, you are working on refining your content strategy, mastering the curiosity posts and your engagement is growing. However, what happens when these people land in your inbox? Sure, celebrate that your call to action (CTA) worked but now what?

Conversations are a huge component to social interactions. The goal, is to create meaningful conversations that will not only have people feeling great chatting with you – but ones that will often to lead to sales or new business partners.

Tip #1 Do NOT multitask while you have the prospects attention.


Truth is, you may be one of the best multitaskers around — but if you are looking to create more meaningful conversations – hold off. Think about it in a way that if you were sitting down for coffee with someone. And, the other party spent all their time looking at their phone – distracted. In some ways, conversations on social media do allow for a few things going on that the prospect may ‘not know’ but, if you’ve worked hard to get their attention, quit throwing it away!

Tip #2 Reflect back what you are hearing – paraphrasing.


Remember, people want to feel heard. You don’t need to be a psychology or communications expert to know when someone is ‘hearing’ you. Using subtle responses that repeat what they’ve just told you is powerful stuff. Even leading with something like;

Prospect: ‘my kids activities take up so much of my time – not sure I can add anything else to my plate right now’

You: ‘I totally get what you mean about kids activities taking up all your time, that’s why I love working on the go’.

Tip #3 Listen first, worry about your response after.


Do you ever find yourself planning your response before the prospect has even finished answering? To foster meaningful conversations focus more on listening than what you are going to say. What you will find is through active listening – your prospects will more than likely tell you everything you want to know.

And, by taking that time to listen you will find your response will be much better equipped.

Tip #4 If you weren’t asked for your advice – don’t give it.


Naturally, humans want to help others ‘fix’ something. And in network marketing we are often the solution to a ton of ‘problems’, right? So we are inclined to want to offer it before it was even asked for. You want to avoid these scenarios because when advice is offered before being solicited it can often create a defensive situation. Be empathetic but try to hold back on your well-intended advice.

Tip #5 Talk about more than just business.


It is very rare that your meaningful conversations will stem from a business topic. Generally, they are tied to something personal or emotional. Think about what your conversations looked like before your business – what were they about? Go back to some of your grass roots among your friendships – chances are they weren’t built solely on a business or product topic.

Tip #6 Have patience in your conversations.


Like relationships, meaningful conversations can take time. Avoid rushing the process. Focus more on making ‘new friends’ more than selling a product or service. Once you remove the pressure component of closing a deal, you will find that your conversations take on new energy and a better flow. Good things come to those who wait – right?

Overall, meaningful conversations are powerful to any business model – especially in relationship marketing. You want to foster communication that creates relationships beyond a sale. Additional tips you can take away as well are;

  1. Talk less, listen more
  2. Value and respect the other persons time
  3. Use open-ended questions (and answers)
  4. Be a human first!


I hope you found this valuable AND that you begin having more meaningful conversations!

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