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3 Things you Need to Make Money Right Now

It’s no secret we’re facing some turbulent or chaotic times right now. People all around the world are forced to find ways to manage and cope with these trying times. Maybe you are essential on the front lines and please know, we thank you so much for your commitment. Or, if you are working from home I hope you are finding ways to stay on track and manage as best as you can. And finally, if you are seeking ways to make money right now, from home — this blog and video is for you.

It is unfortunate when we are blindsided by turmoil, right? We felt as though we were doing everything we could until we find ourselves in these circumstances. I hope and pray there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel very soon.

And as a community, I’m here to support in any way I can.

Let’s dive in.

3 Things you Need to Make Money Right Now

If you want to make money right now in this economy you need vision. This might be a tough one to hear but, let’s assume that your job won’t be there when all this craziness subsides — what else can you do? It’s possible that with what you’re experiencing right now this whole ‘work from home‘ is starting to make a bit more sense.

So do yourself a favor and explore what you can do from home, as a business and paint that vision for yourself. Paint that vision for your family, your loved ones — your life.

The second thing you need to make money in this economy right now is a vehicle. Now, I’m not talking about a car, truck or mini van, instead I’m talking about an idea, a business that can take you to your vision. What can you do that will drive income for you? Maybe it’s a network marketing business, creating courses, coaching, or otherwise. What is that ‘thing’ that can drive you into the future?

A good idea is brainstorm the things you are passionate about and the qualities you are strong at. Somewhere in there they intersect and this is where magic happens.

How else can you prepare to never find yourself in the situation you’re in right now?

Lastly, you need some direction. This is where things can start to feel overwhelming, confusing or frankly, impossible. The good news is you don’t need to do this alone. This is the time to put your ego aside and ask for help. Seek mentorship, community and others who are striving for similar work from home solutions.

Learning how to make money right now, in this economy, is very possible.

I want that for you. The question is; do you want it for yourself?


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