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Leverage Facebook Stories in Network Marketing

What if I told you that if you leverage Facebook Stories, consistently, you could see a 200% increase in engagement. Oh, and potentially in your business too.

It is no secret that Facebook has pushed a ton of attention to their stories feature, right? And even now, the platform although growing, is not being maximized in a lot of ways. So, I decided to start putting it to the test myself.

Initially, I was sharing things without any real strategy or direction but started noticing a shift. So for the past 60 days I put huge emphasis on it and started tracking results. Here’s where it gets good. I was sharing content of the things I was doing anyways! Whether it be in the office with a business tip of from the gym at my daughter’s gymnastics — activities I was already doing.

I share this because, I know people shy’d away from the platform because it felt like ‘one more thing’ — sound familiar? Truth is, you’re probably out and about or partnered with your phone quite often, so why not leverage Facebook Stories? People love that behind the scenes look into what you’re up to. We’re curious by nature, right?

Quick Tips to Leverage Facebook Stories in your Business

First things first, in my 60 day ‘experiment’ I saw a 200% increase in views on my Facebook Stories. And we know, more views means more eyeballs are seeing your content. That’s what we want! Especially, as business owners and network marketers.

Now, I have yet to test out this same feature on my Facebook Business Page so please note that these tips I learned along the way have been strictly from my personal Facebook Profile.

Check this out; An Ipsos survey discovered that 62 percent of people said they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a story and Facebook says that “brands testing Facebook Stories ads are already seeing results”. (via Buffer) So yes, this particular study was done via Facebook Business pages but knowing that’s how consumers are responding why wouldn’t you want to ‘hop on the band wagon’ too!

And, as network marketers we rarely encourage you to share the name of your product or company but when you are starting to leverage Facebook Stories go back to your curiosity post.

Peak Curiosity with Facebook Stories

Here are some great ways you can get the attention of your viewer regarding your product/service;

  1. Show them the product in action in a short video
  2. Upload before/after type photos with a great caption
  3. Share your life with your viewers – moments and memories they can relate to
  4. Use poll options with a picture asking if they’ve heard about (use a clever word for your product or service)

The above mentioned ideas or suggestions are ones we’ve seen tried, tested and found to be true! Remember you’re not doing a commercial on there but you can absolutely peak your viewers curiosity. Once that curiosity is peaked Facebook Stories makes it super convenient for your audience to contact you as well through words or present emojis.

When you are using a poll or question style story go with answers that would be summed up with one word – yes or no, for example. Then, guess where that answer goes? YOUR inbox! Is there a better way to open up a conversation?

FOMO is a Great way to Capture Attention

Like Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook Stories disappear after 24 hours. So, there’s nothing better than creating that urgency for your audience to ‘look before it’s gone’. And, when you are consistently sharing content there that is valuable, exciting or entertaining for them they will continue to come back for more.

Additionally, Facebook Stories become a great hub for sharing repeated content. Let me explain. As network marketers, you are always seeking new content to share with your audience, right? You want to stay original and current and fear posting too much about the same topic. I get it. However, when it comes to your turn to leverage Facebook Stories, you can repeat content far more regularly because the history of it is ‘gone’!

As an example, let’s say you did a poll that generated massive results to your inbox. Do it again! And, again. If your viewer responded previously, that’s OK they can scroll through to your next story.

Don’t be afraid to revisit content that is working on that platform.

Your Phone Camera can help you Leverage Facebook Stories!

One of the great features with Stories is the ability to flip your camera while recording video. Not unlike when you are recording a Live. Use this feature! As an example, you are sharing a short snippet of your day and you are telling your audience about it – take a moment to flip the camera around (same story) and bring them there with you (figuratively).

This, will not only allow you to share your thoughts/feelings/etc. about what you’re up to, but help take your audience to your current activity. The more your audience can feel a part of what you’re up to – the better the engagement. Bring them into your life so that they in turn, open their door for you.

Lastly, are you using Facebook Stories to leverage your business? Let me know in the comments and as always how I can help serve you even more!

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