How to leverage Facebook Groups for your business

How to Leverage Facebook Groups for your Business

If you have ever wondered how to leverage Facebook groups for your business, you’re in the right spot. This post is geared towards leveraging existing groups — that you do not admin. The goal is never to spam those groups but instead to use them as an excellent opportunity to share your expertise.

If you manage your group or have in the past, you know how frustrating it can be for others to spam their content, right? So, keep that in mind when contributing outside of your communities.

I would suggest choosing 2-to 3 Facebook groups you are a part of. 

Ideally, these groups have some engagement and relevant areas in which you can help provide value.

There are right ways and wrong ways to leverage Facebook groups, and the first place you want to start with is the rules sections of the groups you are looking to leverage. 

Get clear on what the expectations are of the admin(s). It’s like visiting someone else’s home, and you are the guest.

Be mindful about the group description too. To leverage efficiently and effectively, you want to make sure you are giving the community what they want, right?

Get clear on the group messaging and deliver on that! 


The goal is not to hijack the group (that never goes over well!); instead, it’s to help provide valuable content where others will look to you as a great resource. It’s from there that people will often check out who you are, so having a completed profile is super important.

Let’s assume your business is related to fitness. And, because of your interest in this industry, you are already a part of a few communities. So, take some time and audit the group content; posted by the admin and content posted by its members.

Take note of these 3 primary things;

  1. the questions people are asking
  2. what are their challenges are
  3. where can you add value


You can always become an important influence in these groups by answering existing questions in the comment sections without ever having to make a post. 

But unfortunately, the assumption is often that we have to create these value-packed posts where; the truth is, you are far more likely to make an impact through quality responses.

Leveraging Facebook Groups is a Game-Changer


Being genuine, and offering something to the community, is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Now, if you are choosing to also add value through posting your content in these groups, be sure that it is not self-promotion.

Always lead with value and end with a question. 

This is slightly different from content on your page, where you’d likely include a call to action (CTA). For example, when you are a guest in someone else’s group, your primary goal is value.

Leading with value will lead to people wanting to become part of your world, so play it smart.

I am sure it can be tempting want to drop a link or suggest people join ‘your group‘ but fight the temptation. When you establish yourself as an authority in the space, your audience will make all the recommendations you need.

Collaboration over competition wins every single time.

Ask yourself this; where can I add value today?

Lastly, keep these four reminders close before jumping in head first;


  1. Don’t self-promote – Ask questions and give answers without explicitly mentioning your business
  2. This is a long-term strategy – Do not expect to build up your business overnight
  3. Be consistent -Visit the groups you chose consistently. Visibility is important
  4. Be confident- You are an expert, and you have something to offer (remember to stay humble)


Are you using Facebook Groups to your advantage? I have some incredible additional resources on doing this — so definitely reach out if I can continue to add value for you in this space!

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