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Top 8 Ways to Shorten your Learning Curve

I remember when my wife Dani and I first joined network marketing (ah feels like FORVER ago!). We thought, how hard could this be, right? Well … then reality struck. I remember thinking to myself, of course everyone will want in on this. This is going to be easy. And, this isn’t because either one of us were afraid of hard work, we just didn’t consider how much work it was going to be. We wished there was someone or something out there that would help shorten our learning curve.

Feel familiar?

So, although we found ourselves in a groove of packing out home parties, and hotel meetings — this was not what we had envisioned. This was not ideal for a young couple, building a family.

And ultimately, to be totally transparent — this was NOT how we wanted to spend our time.

More Time Spent in other People’s Living Rooms than our Own


So, we wanted to do what we saw others starting to do.

That, was building businesses using social media.

How hard could that be?

We would throw a few statuses up and people would just come, right?

I mean, we had the best products going — why wouldn’t they just buy? People had to be as excited as we were (or so the story goes ….).

But guess what?

Learning Facebook was a steeper learning curve than we ever imagined it to be. Turned out, there was a lot more to this whole social media thing than posting a status or two. Building a network marketing business on Facebook started to feel more like an art.

A skill that we needed to learn, and grow through the ‘times that didn’t work’. And, there were plenty of those.

In fact, we spent 1 1/2 years testing things out. Getting around people and courses, picking up books and watching training videos in an all in effort to make this whole Facebook thing work. I mean, it had to work — it became our only option. And you know what’s funny? Everyone thought we were crazy — even our company at the time.

No one believed that you could build your network marketing business on social media. They thought sure you may get a customer or two but the likelihood of building a business into the six figure range was impossible.

That is of course until that’s exactly what Dani and I did.

Shorten the Learning Curve


Think to yourself for a moment if that would be helpful for you.

Imagine that you were able to take a 5 or 10 year expectation in network marketing and shorten your learning curve enough that you could execute it in less than half or three quarters the time.

Social media, specifically Facebook, has created many incredibly successful network marketing professionals and we, want the same for you. I want to share with you today, our top 8 ways to help you shorten your learning curve so that you can build a six figure (and beyond) business for yourself.

One of the main things we work with our coaching clients on, are the strategies to expedite their business process. We literally dive deep into their business and help create strategies that will work for them. Dani and I walked away from building our own network marketing career(s) because we wanted to devote our time in changing the face of the profession on social media.

We readily believe that network marketing is a better way.

And, helping others shorten their learning curve became our mission.

Top 8 Ways to Shorten your Learning Curve


#1 Be clear about your objective.


If you are familiar with using SMART goals, this would be the place to map those out. Your objective (or goals) should be tangible, measurable, and — realistic. When you are clear about where you want to be, the path to get there will be clearer. This is a great way to make sure you stay on track, and maintain your focus.

#2 Measure your progress.


Because you are being intentional about what you want, you should have pitstops along the way. Finding an accountability partner is a great way to do this. It is someone you report your results to. Please note, this should be someone who has achieved a level of success you are striving for. Although your team members, friends or family may feel like a more comfortable decision — they are not where you want to be professionally. This matters.

#3 Take notes, often.


Taking notes does two things; helps you retain information more effectively, and gives you a place to reference what you learned later on. Notes are a great place to revisit when you are feeling stuck or in need of Facebook Live or Reels content even. Record what others who came before you, are telling you.

#4 Study materials more than once.


Just because you heard it once, doesn’t mean you ‘know it’. In fact, I would go as far to say that applied knowledge is really where the magic happens. Just learning the information simply isn’t enough. Learning it and then applying it is so important. It not only helps test your actual knowledge about the content, but helps you benefit from the information you are actually learning.

And guess what? Chances are, you will do it ‘wrong’ the first dozen times. The difference with that is, you learn along the way. And, in my own humble opinion you can only truly learn, when you have ‘skin’ in the game.

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#5 Make yourself accountable to your results (or lack thereof)


Tell the supportive people what you plan to do. Whether this be an income goal, or how many lives you want to impact — tell someone. Statistics show that we are far more likely to achieve something when we tell someone else. Although this tip falls more along the lines of goal setting, and reaching — they matter in terms of your learning curve.

Why? Well, because by telling someone you expedite your need to make it happen. You create urgency within yourself, and are far more likely to do the necessary work to get there.

The primary difference here however, is that by being around others who have done what you want to do … your learning curve shrinks tremendously. And, we stumbled so that you don’t have to. Well, at least not as many time anyways.

#6 Don’t stop at proficiency.


Practice isn’t over just because you get it right once. You have to keep reinforcing and practicing new skills until they start to become second nature. Otherwise, studies suggest that your training efforts will begin to slip away more quickly.

The beauty in this though is that you have someone showing you exactly what to do. So, much of the time we spent on research for example, is eliminated. Comparatively to following a map or directions. Someone created a true road map to help you get to your destination faster, right? And, most of us these days rely on our GPS. This, is possible because the guess work is taken out of it.

We can just do it.

#7 Teach what you’ve learned, to someone else.


Imagine if you could shorten your learning curve enough that you could one day, do the same for your team. You see, teaching someone else a skill is a sure way of knowing whether you truly understand the concept or not. You might consider teaching it to a small community of people who are learning, just like you. As an example, our Social Impacter members test things out on each other all the time.

It is not uncommon for them to be going through a training module, head to their Facebook to implement, and than ask the community for feedback. They do of course have the advantage of various experts available to support them as well, but overall the community itself plays a big role.

#8 Find a coach.


Seriously. Having a coach, mentor and community are so important to the growth of a network marketers career. And, when it comes to learning how to shorten your learning curve — this couldn’t be more true.

A coach, has been there and learned the ropes.

And, they not only learned the ropes but the spent time on the ropes too. For example, when Dani and I made the decision to take our business to another level a couple short years ago — we hired a coach. We knew that in order to grow we needed to invest. Period.

Sure, we knew we could probably figure things out along the way but why? Why would we spend countless hours in attempt to figure out how or what to do, when we could hire someone who could pave the way.

Someone who would give us, the blueprint.

Some Final Thoughts …


I hope that these tips were helpful for you — and I believe, that each and everyone one of us have the ability to make the decision to change our futures, for the better. I also believe that when we want something so bad, we always find a way.

If you knew you had the answer to a sought after skill that someone you know needed it, wouldn’t you want to help shorten their learning curve? Of course you would! There is enough good in this world that everyone can win, I choose to surround myself with winners.

Who do you choose to surround yourself with?

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