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How to Launch your Business on Social Media | Part One

Super excited you’ve found your way to this post because, I am going to give you some GREAT stuff when it comes to learning how to launch your business on social media.

Sure, there’s a lot of information out there but truth is, I’m learning more and more that a lot of the ‘go-to ways’ are outdated. So, I believe it is time to shake things up a bit and truly help people WIN. Whether your growth is on a customer or distributor side — you will find this post valuable.

Before we dive in though …

I need you to focus on one primary thing — YOU ARE LAUNCHING A BUSINESS! This is a HUGE deal and I want to see you put your best foot forward. You should absolutely be fired up and excited but … there is so much more to a launch than throwing up a Facebook post, right?

And although there is ‘more’, that ‘more’ doesn’t need to be complicated!

Launch your Business on Social Media — the RIGHT way

Please note: this post, is part one of this series so be sure to check back next week for the continuation!

I remember back when my wife Dani, and I joined the network marketing profession. At the time, we were told to write a list of 100 people’s names we could contact for this opportunity. What I want to tell YOU is this … 100 names is crazy overwhelming, right?

My suggestion, is start with 20. Let this be 20 people that you would qualify as your hot or very warm market. Then, I’ve made it super simple with the exact way I would encourage you to reach out to them.

Here’s the script I shared in the above video;


“Hey ____, hope you’re doing well! I’m so excited…you may or may not have seen, but I recently started a new online business. I know you prob not interested in the biz, but after knowing you have been struggling with _______, i think the products may really help! Are you open to me sharing a bit more? If not, no worries!”

(Be sure to let me know in the comments the results you received from this!)

Let’s stop overthinking the process and use this suggested number of people to reach out to using this script. Even if you pick 2-3 names a day to start with … within a week you will have knocked out the 20 names and more than likely secured some customers and maybe even new distributors.

This IS possible and IS happening for people (just like you!) right now.

Can’t wait to see the success you create and remember, check back for the next blog for Part Two!

In the mean time, get out there and create those genuine connections.

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