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7 Steps to Overcome Your Lack of Confidence in Network Marketing

Lack of confidence. This might be something you tell yourself, or it is possible you’ve heard it from someone else. Either way, know this – your posture and your confidence are huge factors in the network marketing industry.

Whether it’s when you are introducing a product, or service and even more so a business opportunity, your confidence or lack thereof is crucial to the ‘buyers’ decision making process.

I mean think about it like this. You are looking at purchasing a weight loss product. The person who has introduced you to the XYZ product says to you …

yea, it’s a good product, I mean, that’s what I’ve heard, and there are tons of pictures, and it has a million good ingredients, and well um, just try it, do me a favor? And we can both make money, so why not? And, um besides it only costs $$$, probably not for you, etc.’

THIS happens. 

And, this is often where the distributor comes back to say ‘this business model doesn’t work!’.

And quits. 

Unfortunately, there are a ton of examples where confidence and posture fall short. In this post, I want to give you my top tips for improving your lack of confidence.

In hopes, that you will apply them and start to see more growth in your business.

7 Steps to Overcome Your Lack of Confidence

How are YOU, talking to yourself?


Do you practice positive self affirmations every day? Or are the the things you are asking or telling yourself things like ‘you can’t do this, it’s too hard’ etc. Let me be real with you, you attract what you tell yourself. Your belief comes from those inside voices.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.
Henry Ford

Which would you rather be right about?

This is applicable to anyone, regardless of the opportunity you are apart of. Personally, I practice a few sayings every morning, but one of the ones I say without fail is, ‘I am a Social Impacter‘.

Be mindful of what you are telling yourself. You attract those thoughts — good or bad. So I want to suggest to you that each day, start it with a positive thought. I can do this. I will do this. 

Goal Setting.


Without them, where are you going? Nowhere (as far as business anyways). The key about setting goals to improve your lack of confidence, is their clarity, and their timelines. You might hear me refer to something we call SMART goals. This theory, is a great process to setting goals, with the steps to also achieve them.

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timeline

And even more important?

Write them down!

Have them visually available to you. This might be on a fridge, a desk, your mirror, or all of the above. Also? Promise yourself that these goals are nonnegotiable.

They want to move you to action.

Start focusing on small wins.


Dream big (goal set big) but celebrate the small stuff. What does this mean? It means, each small win will eventually amount to your ‘big goal’. It is easy to get lost in the big dream, the big vision, the long term – and although these are important, the steps along the way are too.

If your goal is $10k a month, and in the first couple months you earned your first $500, GREAT! You are headed in the right direction, and have knocked off a whole $500 of that $10k goal. You are aiming for 5 new distributors a month, and you just signed your first one – that’s AWESOME! Do it again, and add another, and so on.

These small wins are all steps, and foundational steps for long term growth and success.

Are you all in?


Now, I appreciate most network marketers are building their ‘business’ part time. And having said that, do you look at this as a hobby, or as a business. Determining that truth, can make a pivotal difference in your commitment, your performance and ultimately your results.

Let me talk to those who are looking at this as a hobby for a moment. First of all – what an amazing hobby for you! You might be a customer who has shared the products organically and have made a few dollars and this is totally fine with you.

Lack of confidence might not even be an issue, because the end goal is different.

Now, let me talk to those who are looking at this amazing profession as a business. One that might allow for you to travel more, walk away from a job to build it full time, allow for more time with your family, etc.

Be real with yourself, with this answer.

The dangerous zone is the one where you are testing the waters. Why is this dangerous? Well – it’s dangerous because you have not committed to the vision, you’ve created a crutch, an excuse.

I’ve never done this before, I’ll just see what happens

Sound familiar?

If so, this could be a huge factor you are not seeing the success you are after, and is absolutely hindering your confidence. Be all in about your vision. All in about what you hope to gain and achieve.

Be ALL IN and surpass that lack of confidence in your business, and yourself.

Make a decision and get serious.

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Overcoming the word ‘no’.


Easier said than done, I know. My suggestion, and it’s a strong one, is don’t become attached to the outcome. This is most prevalent in the area of prospecting new distributors and customers. Especially when one is starting out – you are excited, you are probably saying too much, it’s turning people away. This can foster that lack of confidence.

Because, you are attached to the outcome.

A couple tips I want to share when it comes to overcoming the word ‘no’ are these;

  1. Go to work, on your level of belief
  2. Don’t take it personal


Some will, Some won’t, So what

Now let’s talk about the flip side of that for a moment. When you do hear the word ‘yes’, don’t celebrate as though you just won the Super Bowl, or the greatest PGA Championship. Come to expect the word ‘yes’. Essentially the energy you omit should be the same whether the response be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The actions afterwards are what differ.

Think about buying a new couch, and the salesperson is giving you a high five as if they had never made a sale before (and maybe they haven’t) you might start to question your buying decision – as silly as that may sound. Too much excitement can create a lack of confidence in the buyer (customer or distributor) – be mindful of this.

Crush Uncertainty


Perhaps you have an uncertainty about your product, service, or the network marketing model. When this exists to you, it exists to others. Three tips I suggest you implement right away are;

1. Read

2. Listen

3. Participate


… and do it more! The problem is when the uncertainty is in the back of your mind, creating this noise of doubt it is a breeding ground that is attributed to lack of confidence. Finding a way to crush the noise is instrumental, and using these 3 tips will help.

Much of this step, ties back into the previous ones – being all in and making that commitment.

Take Massive Action


Ever heard the saying we can’t be rewarded from the work we didn’t do? Too often, especially when using social media to prospect there can be a ton of time wasted. Working your business does not mean scrolling the newsfeed endlessly. It doesn’t mean making a post and wondering why people aren’t flocking to it.

Be intentional with your actions.

Ensure that the time you spend prospecting is productive time. I recall back when my wife and I began in the network marketing profession we were speaking to a few prospects a week and wondering why at month end we may have signed up one person. Your results will be 100% relative to the work you put in.

When your goal is to recruit 5 people per month, figure out how many people you need to speak to, to make that happen.

Because, lack of confidence stems from minimal action heeding no results. 

When we compile these steps together, they work like a well oiled machine. To some degree they often piggy back off each other and help diminish that lack of confidence and in turn, they help build it instead.

When you start (or continue) to see results, this will trump your lack of confidence in no time.

Let me know, were these helpful?

See you on the inside.

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