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5 Places to Find Killer Content Ideas for Social Media

We will all come across a time that we simply run our of content ideas. I can think of days I would scroll through everything I had and nothing felt like it fit. Sound at all familiar? Creative brain shuts down and you find yourself in a content slump. This post will help remedy that slump — killer content ideas to pack your schedule.

I am going to show you exactly where I curate content from so that you have access to the same faucet that just keeps on flowing. We’ll call it, the content faucet and, part of my Impact Content Calendar

OK, let’s dive in.

Killer Content for your Social Media Calendar

You might agree that a big time-sucker for network marketers comes from finding relevant and interesting pieces of content to fill up their social media calendar.

Not everything you find is solid gold and making your way through the noise to find thought-provoking content can be tough. Especially, when you are ensuring that it’s specific to your audience and ultimately, your niche.

An ‘easy‘ go-to was always trending topics.

However, if the topics aren’t at all relevant to you they won’t do you (or your audience) any good. The best time to maximize trending topics are;

  1. ones you are passionate about
  2. topics that align with your business/brand


Unless your product or service offerings fall into one of those categories, stay away. Hopping on a topic just because it’s trending, can be confusing for your followers and can have them wondering things like ‘why would they have ever shared that?‘.

And sure it will be tempting to share the trending topics because it can feel relevant or a great way to ‘go viral’ — but please, don’t do it.

Killer Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has expanded rapidly as a content platform. They are always encouraging members to share and publish content directly on their network. There are plenty of good stories on LinkedIn that make their Publishing page a fantastic source of solid content.

It includes customized stories according to those you follow on LinkedIn (following is different than connecting; you can follow people to see their stories without having them in your LinkedIn network).

You can also receive updates via email: weekly, daily, or as soon as new content is posted. Whether you are using the platform or not, taking advantage of those who are pumping out consistent content there is a huge benefit for you!

As a side note, with their addition of ‘stories’, this is a great place to add your repurposed content as well.

Let’s is essentially a social network for content curation. You create a profile on the platform, follow the people and topics that you find interesting and your feed fills up with interesting content.

Remember, you are using this platform for business content so make sure the topics you are following align with you and your business.

If you choose to follow it for personal satisfaction, consider creating a separate account.


Reddit has a massive community of users who are constantly adding content to the site.

As long as you know how to navigate the subreddits (topic pages) you should never be short on quality content to spin, engage on, and share. This is also a great platform for you to share content to as well – just grab what you shared over on your primary platform and post it.

Reddit has a very engaged community and is among one of the best spots for user generated content.


SmartBrief contains more than 225 unique newsletters broken down into 40+ topics. Whatever your specific product or niche, chances are good that SmartBrief will have a newsletter for you, full of curated news and information.

In my opinion, it’s worthwhile to subscribe to several and scale back on ones that you find don’t fit as well as you had originally hoped.


Quora is one platform that I continue to talk about (and brag on a little).

Overall, it is a question and answer style platform however, I have been able to curate killer content ideas just by reading through others ‘pain points‘.

If I am allotting time on the platform to contribute, then I will always add value where it’s applicable of course, but ultimately I am there to gather great ideas and even grab some of the suggestions and/or solutions shared by others.

Just remember to preface your post with any necessary credit or story attached.

Example: I found this great post on Quora written by Jane Doe and wanted to share my perspective on the topic and, would love to hear your thoughts on (said topic).

In closing, I would love to know where you find some of your killer content ideas. Be sure to let me know in the comments because I would love to check them out and even add them to my arsenal of hot spots.

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