kids are reasons not excuses

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Your Reason And Not Your Excuse

Raising children is hard, right? It has its moments of ups and downs but overall — there’s no greater gift. However, we face a common predicament; we lose sight of our kids being our reason. And, we make them our excuse.

Excuses can range from things like; we had soccer practice, or the baby was up all night. Additionally, our kids require constant attention and no time to work the business.

Take a moment to reflect on why you started in the network marketing industry, Were your children part of that ‘why‘? I would bet they were — so why are we selling them (and ourselves short) with excuses.

I hope these next few tips will help you to stop putting your dreams and goals on hold and instead push you forward.

Parenting and Building a Business is Tough

Having 4 kids of our own, we would like to believe we have faced many of the battles you as a parent, face too. I remember working hours upon hours a day — away from my family but I had convinced myself it’s what had to be done.

My family depended on me. So, we made the most of it, right? And then, we met network marketing. We, like you, were introduced to an industry that allowed us to spend an abundance of time with our kids AND earn a sustainable income.

As you know, it took us a handful of years to really ‘figure it out’, but our kids were ALWAYS our reason. We refused to allow them to inhibit the long term goals we had set out for our family.

Reason over excuses — all day.

3 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Your Reason And Not Your Excuse

My hope, is that you will be able to identify with these few examples and be able to overcome those excuses moving forward.

Your Success is Their Success

When you become a mother or father you are instantly given a life to care for. And, as they grow, their achievements become yours and vis versa. You see, focus more so on the long term goal and success you are working towards and those successes become your children’s.

Imagine the benefits you and your family with attain from the present sacrifice.

Picture the financial or time freedom that got you started, and work towards that. Use this as your driving force. Include your kids in your business where you can — talk about it with them, help them see your vision — your future.

Who is Looking up to you?

Naturally, you want to be the best version of yourself to the level that it inspires your kids to be great. You want to be their hero, their go-to, their mentor. A word like role model encompasses this well. Ask yourself, do you want to be a role model for your children?

What example are you setting when you are ‘too busy’, or ‘too tired’?

If it were them in your shoes would you push them to keep going? Would you encourage them to make time for the things that matter? Would you be there to support them and root them on? Pay attention to who’s watching you — set the bar high.

Allow your Kids to Nurture your Self-Growth

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the best time to have achieved your dreams is before you had kids. You know, back when you had less responsibility, more time, more freedom.

The reality is however, when you approach your goals with this type of mindset, the right time will never come. The  ideal scenarios are a rarity and there is no turning back the clocks.

The time is now. Your time, is now.

Additionally, there are plenty of other reasons why it makes sense to pursue your goals and aspirations once you’ve become a parent. Being a parent changes you – it teaches you;

  1. resilience
  2. responsibility
  3. perseverance

. These are all important qualities that will help you achieve your goals. Let your kids be your driving force — your catalyst.

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