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How to Build an International Business in Network Marketing

Network marketing is an incredible industry. It affords people to build businesses all over the world (providing of course their company is operational there). And, how exciting would it be to lead an international business? If you answered ‘very’, then this post is for you.

First and foremost, before you even begin to suggest working with others in different countries … PLEASE make sure your company is operational there. There is nothing worse than spending time you may or may not have for the company to be unable to fulfill what you had hoped for. This of course applies to those who are merely looking to further their own agenda with international business.

If simply creating new relationships is the goal — then, by all means!

How to Build an International Business in Network Marketing

Let me address something before I go much further; please stop looking at launching a new country as a lottery ticket. I get it, there’s this enormous attraction to wanting to be the ‘first’ to expand to a new country … but this has everything to do with you and nothing to do with the other person.

If you want to grow your company internationally, control your own backyard.

Grow a big team and work through that team to find international contacts. Sounds simple enough, right? Then why are people forever complicating this? Considering the number of people who exist in your own country — let alone your state, city of town — start there.

Because, referral business is the best business. 

Learn who to effectively taproot with your existing team members and customers and go from there. Think about how powerful it is to receive a glowing referral from a happy customer to her cousin out in whatever country you are seeking to expand to. Versus, that cold message or spammy Facebook post you thought about making!

Would you be surprised to know that the best way to build an international business is through relationships? These people you are seeking as a possibility to work with, are probably hanging out in the same interest groups you are. Why not start there?

Consider using the exact same strategies you already use for attraction and relationship marketing and simply refine your skills.

There is nothing worse then seeing multiple posts that read ‘expanding to (insert country here) looking for my pioneers!’ Right?

Put yourself in the other persons shoes …

Would you want to do business with you?

Always be mindful of how a prospect would receive your messaging. If it feels gross or icky, it probably is. Now, don’t get me wrong — growing an international team can be incredibly exciting. However, there are right and absolutely wrong ways, of doing so!

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