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3 Reasons your Inner Circle Matters to your Business Growth

We sent an email out to our valued subscribers recently about cultivating their inner circle. You see, we live in a time that we base our success on likes, double taps, followers and so on. But, is bigger always better? It is a reflection of the time we’re living in for sure.

So it’s only natural for us to want to hyper-grow our network and connections — both online and offline — because the more people we know, the greater our chances of being exposed to those who might be interested in our opportunities, right?

Ones that may lead to advancement, mentors, resources, and so on.

But, being that connector  has little to do with the size fo your network. Instead, it’s about surrounding yourself with a carefully selected group of people who you admire and respect. And with whom you share common beliefs and values.

The people who will set the tone for the foundation of your business and prospects filled with people who provide value to one another. And guess what?

That core group should be a lot smaller than you think.

Your Inner Circle Should Reflect Your Vision

The vision you have for your business becomes an extension of your values, your integrity and gives you a blueprint to consistently lead and make decisions from your infamous, why.

Ensure that you are clear with the vision. Being able to communicate your vision isn’t always easy, we get it. Often there are many variables involved, but please now that it’s imperative to hold true to your values. Additionally, communicate your vision with clarity and position yourself to bring people together and move them forward together.

At the end of the day, people want to feel a sense of purpose, belonging and have something they can always lean or rely on. When you root your vision back to your values and share it from an authentic space, you give people this opportunity.

And so, who are the people you need in your inner circle?

Now this list is in no way limited to the following, however, we know what has helped propel our consistent growth and we want the same for you. Chances are you may already have these people in your inner circle and for you it may be more of who you need to ‘let go’ instead of cultivate into your group.

The Big Dreamer

Although dreamers can sometimes derail our thoughts to tasks that seems impossible, they hold great insight into what could be. They are often deemed visionaries and believe in something so large that others have a tough time buying into it. They are important however because, we need these believers — they know how to create possibilities that once seemed unrealistic.

The Supporter

This role is typically held by a true friend. They are the person you can be vulnerable with, share everything — good and bad. The supporter role in your inner circle is the one you can always rely on. They are the ones who help keep you grounded but create that much needed safe space.

The Executor

Although all roles in your inner circle are important it is this person who makes your dreams tangible. They are able to see, understand and create the necessary ‘things’ to execute on your vision. Whether this be through word of mouth, resources, connections or otherwise – everyone needs an executor in their squad.

The ‘What If’

AKA the devils advocate. This person in your inner circle is one that can offer great perspective and help keep dreams, goals and visions in tact. This person should never be confused with the ‘non-believer’. In fact, this ‘what if’ person is more so the one who acts as a protector. They are always honest and straightforward with you but only with the right intentions at the forefront.

The Inspired

This person is your motivation. They are the ones who believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They are that little voice that pushes you to your limits and even then believes you can go further. Having this person in your inner circle is crucial – they keep you going on the days you would rather just quit.

Now in some ways, these 5 people equate to one primary reason your inner circle matters to your success. The reality is, network marketing or entrepreneurship in general will challenge you. It will challenge you and push you to limits or breaking points. It is not always red roses and sweet tea. Some days can feel like quick sand or volcanoes. And, that’s OK because we need to grow through them so that we are better equipped for future, and help shorten learning curves for others.

Trust and Loyalty are Non-Negotiable in your Inner Circle

At no point in time are these 2 words questioned within your circle. After all, as a result of both loyalty and trust, is likely how they found their way into your circle to begin with. Having a core group of people you can trust and know that without question have your back in and out of the room is necessary.

The moment this is questioned, it’s time to re-evaluate the circle.

These people who form this alliance with you – hold many cards to your vision, your goals, your communities, etc. You may even look at them as people close to you who hold a lot of power, right? Just remember this is your circle, and you dictate who is in and who is out.

Perhaps you are familiar with Oprah’s quote …

‘Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.’

The Circle of Growth

All the support, tips, resources, strategies, and collaboration will accelerate your network marketing business. Your inner circle places you in a win/win situation for your business. You’ll receive new ideas, new ways of looking at perceived obstacles, solutions to aggravating questions, and you will form long-term, strategic alliances.

Reaching out to new people can be intimidating if you’ve been working by/for yourself.

Why not schedule something with us? Let’s discuss how strategically choosing your inner circle will accelerate your business growth.

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