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Increase Social Media Recruiting With This One Thing

Are you struggling to increase social media recruiting in your network marketing business? The good news is, social media is totally free to use and millions of people log on every single day. The tougher news to hear is that it’s not always as easy to use for business BUT the process is simple.

The difficulty falls when people aren’t totally sure what that process should look like.

Or, they get super excited and spam friends and family or for that matter — total strangers!

There are a ton of variables to each conversation for sure. However, in this post I’m going to share with you one major tip on how to increase social media recruiting, overall.

Increase Social Media Recruiting


You are a network marketer and you have likely have approached people in the real world, right?

Recruiting while using social media is very similar.

The only difference is that you are using an online method instead of an offline one. The people you encounter in both places are STILL people. So, interpersonal relationships still reign supreme. If you wouldn’t speak to people in person in a spammy or salesy way — use the same reasoning online.

… and that one thing is POSTURE!

Here’s what we know about why the majority of people struggle;

  • Unsure of what to say
  • Not sure of what questions to ask
  • Difficulty finding the right time to ‘pop’ the question
  • Not sure how to close more prospects


If any of this sounds like you please know you are NOT alone. Although there are other reasons people struggle, these tend to be the 4 most common when it comes to recruiting.

This is where the magic word ‘posture’ comes into play. It can literally make or break a conversation — including the ones where you may actually be saying all the right things. So, let’s look at 3 quick ways to help improve your posture which in turn WILL help increase social media recruiting for your business.

3 Tips to Improving your Posture


Tip #1: Be the one asking the questions not the one answering them.


Be intentional with the questions you’re asking. Use this time as an opportunity to ask open ended questions that will encourage your prospect to open up about themselves. This is where asking effective questions is key. The more you have a prospect talking about themselves, the more comfortable they become with you and, the more likely they are to share their pain points.

Tip #2: Be the one to steer the conversation.


Typically, the person asking the questions is also the one steering its direction. So, when you are intentional with the questions you’re asking as I mentioned above, this will help you ensure you are asking ones relevant to your solution. This is also beneficial for you because, the prospect is made to feel that you are genuinely there to help them (this is important!). Additionally, when they are spending more time answering than you are asking — this is always a good sign.

Tip #3: Eliminate your emotional response to the answer.


… this includes whether the answers are in your favor or not. By removing the emotional element to this it will help you avoid being attached to the outcome. By doing this, it will help you maintain a demeanour that doesn’t smell of desperation or, disappointment.

Making posture a priority in your business will help boost your confidence, position you as the expert to your prospect and, increase social media recruiting results in your business.

Do you have additional tips or suggestions related to posture in the network marketing industry? Would love if you would share them in the comment section below!


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increase social media recruiting