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How to Increase Sales when Marketing on Facebook

This post is perfect for you if you are seeking ways to increase your sales while marketing on Facebook. Social media has absolutely become a go-to for massive brands right through to those working from home. We know, that there are millions of people who use Facebook daily and they may just be your ideal customer or client.

But do you find yourself asking; how can I reach these people?!

Marketing on Facebook sounds easy enough, right? However, when we go in with the mindset of selling to our audiences (Facebook friends and followers) we are going about it all wrong.

Increase Sales on Facebook with these 4 Steps

Let’s assume, that you’ve been working on your content to be more valuable, relatable and frankly, of interest to your audience. If not, you will want to check out my previous blogs related to creating GREAT content!

So, content is rocking but you find you are having a hard time on how to increase your sales. Chances are engagement is up but, what do you do with that? How can you reach these prospects? What can you apply immediately, to help improve those conversion rates?

Step One: Reach Out!

Stop being shy and expecting the content to do all the work for you. Reach out every single day to people who are engaging on your content. And, make sure you are offering some reciprocal engagement on their stuff too! The more you get to know about those who are showing interest you are far more likely to make the ‘sales’ process simpler.

Step Two: Open up the Conversation

The next best way to increase sales on Facebook is by having a conversation. One way to create a seamless opening is connect with people on their birthdays! Send them a simple message, voice note or video and simply wish them a happy birthday!

Close your message with an open ended question like; how have you been doing? What will you do to celebrate? This prompts more of a response than a thank you. And, will allow you to further the conversation if they seem like a great fit for what you are offering.

Step Three: Validation Follows Conversation

Great! You have worked hard on creating those meaningful conversations and your prospects are showing interest. Not because you’ve shoved your product or service at them but, because you’ve been a human first.

This is where you want to follow up with some third-party validation. This is where you can begin to share tools and/or resources with them. This step is also a great place to share stories and testimonies that fit their needs.

Remember, you always want to work on uncovering their needs (or wants) so that when you go to offer a solution it feels seamless to them.

Step Four: The Close

Want to increase sales? You have to deliver the close. Swallow that fear and remember they have already expressed an interest. This is your opportunity to guide them to the purchase. This will take practice however, when you have worked hard to cultivate and nurture a relationship the pressure is far less.

What steps are you implementing in your business? Bottom line is this … In order to have a solid business learning how to increase sales is key. If I can be of more assistance – please reach out. I would love to be able to help you grow your business to achieve the goals you have set for yourself!


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