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Increase Engagement – Three Ways to Get More Engagement

Facebook is always making changes, right? So we thought we would put together a video (below) and post to help you increase engagement. Now, we don’t pretend we’e cracked some algorithm code or anything here. However, what we do know is that when you implement these tips – results will speak for themselves.

And so, we have tried a few different ways to boost engagement and have found these to be the most successful and simplest to implement. What they do require is your commitment to implementing them — consistently.

Increase Engagement on Facebook

Before you do anything else, head over to your Facebook profile and scroll through the last 20-30 posts you’ve done. Take note of which ones received the most engagement. A great idea is to create a list of those ones and include the ‘reactions’ as well as comments and shares.

There 3 categories are all great ways to evaluate which ones saw the most traction. And from there, we can create a strategy to incorporate more posts like those – and how you can enhance them to increase engagement.

Number One: Have Relevant Content

Before you can expect people to engage on your posts you need to ensure that you are posting content relevant to the following;

  1. who you are
  2. who your audience is
  3. what you represent
  4. areas of interest

Additionally, your content should encourage people to want to engage. For example, ask yourself these few things;

  1. Is my content Entertaining?
  2. Would this content Empower someone?
  3. Am I Educating my audience on a topic?

If you answered no to each of those, then our suggestion would be to table the content for later. You want to make sure that you are posting things that your audience wants to see. The more you start to take note of what they DO engage on, the simpler it will be creating future content.

Number Two: Be Positive and Uplifting

We all have bad days – we get it. And, since social media has become an online journaling type platform we are often inclined to share those bad moments. Now, keep in mind you are working at building a business on this social platform.

Negativity breeds negativity and there is a TON of it out there. Stand out – sure, post your unhappier moments but follow up with something teachable. How were you able to overcome and keep pushing forward?

There is enough doom and gloom everywhere else – be the person who brings a smile or realization moment to your audience. Imagine all the people you could inspire!

Number Three: Ask for it

Picture this: You are on a Facebook Live sharing some solid content and no one is responding. Ask yourself … are you asking your audience to do something? One of the biggest areas people miss to increase engagement is asking for others to engage.

Perhaps you ask a question — don’t hesitate to ask them to answer it! Want them to share your video? Ask them to! Questions like … was this valuable? Can you hear me OK?

This may feel awkward at first and that’s OK, because once that engagement increases with your simple asks it becomes much more comfortable.

In fact, starting small will help you foster growth in other areas like asking for the sale.

Final Thoughts on Learning to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Engagement is what drives our business for the long term. It allows your audience to connect with you and as a result, opens you up to their audiences too. This is why you always want to ensure that the content you post is;

  1. Relevant
  2. Uplifting

And, that you are asking for them to engage each and every time!

Implementing this few tips is easy, staying consistent is where things get a little bit tougher. Having said that, it’s in everyone! If we can be of any assistance be sure to comment on this post so we can reach out and connect further!

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