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Your Name is a Brand | A Huge Brand Asset

The online world and doing business as such, has changed tremendously over the last couple of years. And, personal branding continues to play a crucial role online. Having a strong personal brand can do so much more for you than attention or a new rank advancement. Recognizing that that your name is a huge brand asset, adds credibility to your name, spreads faster among entrepreneurs, and speaks to an underlying confidence.

In business, people aren’t buying products, but people.

With the personalized side of social media, it is also easier to be won over by someone’s personality than by their marketing expertise or strategy. A person that is likeable, genuine and confident will be able to sell almost anything regardless of their knowledge or even how it works. A network marketer that is annoying, uneducated, and arrogant will struggle to sell a hundred dollar bill for fifty dollars.

This is why it’s so important to focus on personal branding online.

Starting with your Name, being a Huge Brand Asset

What is a brand asset?

It’s best to think of your name as a brand asset that ties together all tangible and intangible elements that shape the;

  1. image
  2. reputation
  3. loyalty
  4. perception

… of a company/team developed over time. And, across situations as consumers and team mates interact with your idea or business.

Personal branding is powerful, right? Like Tim Duncan and Derrick Rose in the Foot Locker commercial. Or, Justin Timberlake in Pepsi. It acts as a form of credibility. If you are a selling a product or service, the personal branding is important. And, this can also be extended through your team. Your name because of go to that people are working with. Your team is an extension of your brand – a brand asset. So, what does your brand say about you? Not the company … but you.

Make sure your team knows how important personal branding is. And, encourage them to view their name in a similar light. When people begin to take ownership of their name being a huge brand asset, how they behave online follows suit. Meaning, with acknowledgement comes responsibility. With responsibility comes professionalism, and so on.

Your Name is a Brand

Your name is a brand and you should treat it as one. When you are building your personal brand online there is a right and wrong way of doing it. Knowing the difference can boost the credibility of both yourself and your company indirectly. A lot of people (especially on social media) think that constantly boasting and publishing their achievements and skills is the best way to do it.

And while we think it is totally OK to promote yourself, in our opinion it is valuable if you can show people directly how great you are and what you can do through your content versus you having to say so.

Rather than posting Facebook updates of how cool you are and how great your following is online, why don’t you write a strategy or a long detailed post explaining to others how to build a following. Additionally, rather than posting a photo of your top producer each month on your page, why don’t you create a post explaining which strategies they used to improve their sales online.

Same end message, different process.

Deliver Value on a Consistent Basis

One way to get started with building credibility around your personal brand online is when you publish valuable content on a consistent basis. You can do this on your own page, story or a variety of social media channels. The bottom line is that it can open many doors for you and in turn, your business.

If you care about your personal brand online, find ways to improve it. In doing so, it will portray you as a dedicated, passionate, and organized person that others want to work with.

Your name is a huge brand asset so it’s important that you start building it like one. Become the expert in your niche and build authority around your name.

It will pay off.

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