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How to Start an Online Business from Home for Impact

The online world is incredible, isn’t it? It affords everyone the ability to start an online business from home with very little overhead. Whether it’s a tangible product or a digital one — we all have the same opportunity.

My wife and I have been working from home for 13+ years now. Although our paths have changed over the years our passion for impact has never changed. Well, that’s not totally true since it’s grown so much. We were first introduced through the network marketing space and have since gone on to coaching thousands, creating online courses, creating communities of thousands and my wife also has her own candle business.

Passion has led us down some incredible paths and we are fired up to share some of our ‘keys to success‘ with you. In today’s post I am going to give you 3 simple steps on how to start an online business from home. You will also find this post helpful if you’re just getting started or looking for a solid reset.

Let’s get dive in.

Your Roadmap on How to Start a Business from Home

You can improve your odds of home-based entrepreneurial success by taking the time to consider a few key points about your business. What’s more ideal than owning your own business?

A growing number of entrepreneurs (like you!) are starting home-based online businesses. However, it’s essential to take the right steps to lay the foundation for success. The following 3 steps will not only help but save you a ton of time in the future.

Prepare your Mission

Think about the reasons why you are starting a business. Maybe it’s to earn some extra money to cover some bills or, you’re seeking that time freedom — whatever it is for you, get very clear on that. What is your purpose? Your passion? What impact are you hoping to create when you start an online business from home? Who are the people you are looking to support and serve?

Now, you may want to structure this similar to a mission statement now or in the future but for now, just get super clear with why you are doing this. This step in my opinion, is crucial because it will help drive you  on the good and the tougher days.

Prepare your Product

What is your product? Is it a tangible one like my wife’s candle business? Or, are you looking to create a digital one? Perhaps you have partnered with another company (network marketing, affiliate, etc.) how will these products serve you and, the people you want to serve?

Become very clear on how these products will serve and support your mission. Whether it be their names, packaging, design or otherwise — create your vision for them. This will not only help you with a clear plan to execute but it will help ensure that they stay in alignment with who you are and the audiences you are delivering them to.

Prepare your Platform 

When you start a business from home, it’s easy to say ‘I want to be everywhere!’ right? I’ve been there. And I can tell you that although we would love to be everywhere it doesn’t necessarily mean our ideal client or customer hangs out there.

Take the time to create your customer avatar and decide where they ‘hang‘ our. This is where you can develop a strategy to reach and serve them more efficiently and effectively. With a variety of social media platforms today you have options on where to spend your time and resources.

You might want to check out my blog here on creating your customer avatar. 

Overall, when you start with these 3 simple steps, learning how to start a business from home doesn’t need to feel so overwhelming. Like anything, when the foundation is set the right way, from the beginning, success isn’t too far behind.

And, as an added bonus, download my ‘Prepare to Impact Roadmap’ here! 

In the event you have more questions or need some support creating your mission or otherwise — let me know in the comments and I am happy to serve you.

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start an online business from home