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How to Launch Your Business on Social Media | Part Four

Welcome to Part Four of my series on how to launch your network marketing business on social media. If you haven’t checked out the first 3 parts of this series, check them out below;

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As we move into part four, I’m going to help you learn how to leverage referral posts.

In 2021 more people are turning to social media and buying products and services based on the recommendation of their social media networks. I know I fall into this category of people without question!

So, why shouldn’t referral marketing be part of your social media strategy?

Especially when you are learning how to launch your business?!

These are among the best ways to generate quick credibility, underlying trust and an ability to get yourself in front of audiences you may not have yet otherwise (at least quickly).

 Referral Posts Strategy 101

In the above video, I give you several examples on how to use referral posts as part of your business launch — creating curiosity, not spammy for one thing! Additionally, those you are asking the referral posts from, it’s crucial that your relationship with that person never be ‘jeopardized’ for your own gain.

Here are 3 other referral marketing strategies for you to consider.

Ask for referrals.


This is one of the MOST effective things to do when building a business but, it can also be one of the scariest. The truth is … if we don’t ask how will we ever know? Think about the people who are in your network that you are reaching out to. If their answer is ‘no’ about purchasing or joining you (once you’ve reached that point) consider asking them to connect you with others who would love the opportunity.

Keep it short n’ simple — you never know who those people will lead you to.

Identify the ‘referrers’ early on. 


Next time you’re chatting with a prospect ask what their favorite coffee shop, restaurant, massage therapist, hairdresser and any other local service in the area is. Wait for their response.

A referrer will jump all over those questions. If it was a coffee shop, they will get excited about the coffee, know the barista’s name and they will explain their favorite dish, right?

The more detail, the better the referrer. These are PERFECT people for referral post asks!

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Incentivize people to refer. 


Think about how often you are incentivized to ‘tell a friend’ these days. Everything from Instacart to Costco, right? Businesses now the value in referrals and when we see companies like these leading the charge there — it’s safe to assume they’re onto something.

And remember, these incentives don’t need to be anything elaborate either. It could range from a free product from your company, a thank you card, or a $5.00 Starbucks card — people just love to be thought of in general.

Keep in mind that they’re essentially doing you a favor by doing these referral posts — gratitude goes a long way (and almost always leads to more referrals!)

Be sure to drop your takeaways from this post and the video in the comment below — let me know how referral posts have worked for you in past, if you’re open to them and if they are still a strategy you use today!

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how to launch your business on social media part 4