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6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for your Home Based Business

The holiday season for some, can mean a real slow down for network marketers or direct sales consultants. But, only if you let it. With a holiday plan for your business in place, you can keep your business thriving, and help push strong into the New Year! In this post, we want to talk about some solid Holiday marketing ideas you can apply to your business.

We used to be the ones who thought, everyone else is out of business mode, we will be, too!

And well, our business definitely took it’s on break during the holidays …

Once we shifted our mindset and kept ourselves in work mode, we created a snowball effect. This is when building our business around the holidays was one of our favorite times!

6 Holiday Marketing Ideas for your Home Based Business

#1 Bring Humor!

During the holidays, family tensions are especially high. Often, parents are dealing with kids’ high expectations from ‘Santa’, budgets are pushed to their limits, and family tensions are stretched.  Even the most enthusiastic people are experiencing high levels of stress, depression, and anxiety.

The last thing people want is something that makes those feelings worse, right? Instead, try to lighten things up by inserting humor into your curiosity posts and marketing. Make fun of hilarious traditions, crack a joke that everyone will understand, or just be silly in your overall approach.

People will appreciate the light nature in your holiday marketing, in what is otherwise a high-stress time.

#2 Connect or Follow up with your Previous Customers.

It is much easier to ‘sell’ to past customers than it is to generate new ones. Reach out to past customers letting them know of upcoming sales or promotions. A little something extra special for being a loyal customer.

The holidays are a great time to take advantage of all the buying consumers are doing. The trick is to tie your product or service in a way they can save time or money, or as a great holiday gift. Positioning is everything.

#3 Shift your Focus to one Niche.

If you haven’t nailed down your customer avatar yet, you may ordinarily cater to multiple demographics. However for your holiday marketing posts, it’s better to focus on one niche at a time. This will give you the chance to speak more directly, with more appropriate visuals, narrative devices, and wording in your campaign.

For example if you know that mom’s are your largest customer base – cater your posts to them. Maybe it’s images of you and your kids, perhaps your product is designed to pamper mom a little. Whatever the case is, narrow down your niche where possible.

This is especially important when you start focusing on empathy, as mentioned a bit in the ‘humor’ tip.

#4 Be Nostalgic — Story Time!

Celebrating the holidays brings around feelings of nostalgia for everybody. And nostalgia is an especially powerful emotion because it’s almost always a feel good moment or memory. How you inspire nostalgia is up to you. Through images, you could use scenery that looks like it came from decades past, tell generational stories ones of traditions, or use childhood type games or activities.

The Holidays are a perfect time to get better aquatinted with the art of storytelling in your business. It is typically a time of year we have plenty of stories to share. And often, these stories are ones that are super relatable to your audience. These are what some of the most successful holiday marketing campaigns (or goals) are all about.

#5 Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. We have a great post shared by CinchShare from last year (2017) that you can read >> here <<

You can take advantage of that by peaking the curiosity of those Black Friday or Cyber Monday shoppers. This is the time of year you can create urgency because it won’t be back until the following year.

Often, distributors saw a huge influx in holiday sales from past – reach out to those customers! Start letting people know (before the holiday) that you have some great stuff coming and encourage them to reach out to you beforehand to get an exclusive look (people love exclusivity!)

#6 Go Live | Create Videos

If you haven’t gone Live yet – now is the time! Share some great value driven, educational or engaging videos. Don’t wait for the ‘New Year‘. Generate some content to share with your audience who may be spending less time ‘working’ and spending more time on ‘social media’.

And although we know people are busy with children, family or even travel – social media has always been one of the ways people decompress afterwards (or during!). So, get out there! Maybe share your best weight loss tips over the holidays or how too much hairstyling for events can dry out your hair.

Think outside the box. 

Final Thoughts on Holiday Marketing Ideas for your Home Based Business

The holidays don’t need to stunt your business. In fact, there are people that knocked out their biggest sales goals throughout the holidays. One of the biggest reasons is that too many people in the home based business space – network marketing, direct sales, take their break.

So, what better way to stand out than do what nobody else is doing!

We hope you have an incredible holiday however you celebrate and wherever you are in the world! We would love to hear how you plan to work your business over the holidays unless of course you fall into the category of ‘break-takers’.

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