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Grow your Following in Network Marketing by doing THIS

Whether it be recruiting more efficiently or growing your customer base, knowing how to grow your following is imperative. Especially, if your goal is to build your business primarily online.

In this post and included video, my goal is to show you how to do just that with one primary shift. This shift is simply making a decision. A decision to serve others without the constant ask for sales or otherwise.

You see, when my wife Dani and I made this decision, we went from the back of the convention rooms of thousands to speaking on those same stages. And, we did that with others saying ‘it would never work‘.

Social media is constantly evolving — sometimes it’s frustrating sure, however, how you position yourself online can change the way you grow your following and more importantly how they SEE you.

Grow your Following in Network Marketing by doing THIS

Become the resource instead of the sales person.

Think about what your audience looks to you for. And, using that answer how does it serve your business. For example, when we looked at how other leaders in the space were delivering to their audience we realize one key thing; value. And yes, you’ve heard this time and again, right? But what was more enlightening for us was the engagement they received on these value posts.

The audience was seeing them as the expert.

They were asking relevant questions to the niche and were relying on those leaders to deliver (and over-deliver). So, we started to adopt some of those principles to fit our business. At the time, you could say we were in the health and wellness space but our passion was removing toxic chemicals from the home.

And, helping others do the same.

The goal in turn, was to educate our audience on the harmful effects, the dangers, but more importantly the solutions. So much so that we had one friend of ours (who wasn’t a customer and wasn’t going to be) call us on FaceTime from the grocery store asking which detergent was best (more in the video on this!)

This is where the shift happens. 

As a sales person, we could have said ‘oh gosh none of those buy the one we have!’. But instead, we helped guide her through the process of which one would be best that she could find on the shelf. Be a resource even when people aren’t buying (yet) if you want to grow your following.

Become that ‘go-to’ expert in your niche. And, this can work with any business in my own humble opinion. Whether it be health and wellness, jewelry, lashes, makeup, coffee or otherwise. Dissect the value and expertise you can offer in your niche and get to work.

Social influence is powerful in this regard.

Meaning, others are always watching — and the more others can edify you as that expert the more those watchers want to know more about you and the value you bring. Your service to others will grow your following beyond what you may even at one time thought impossible.

Let me leave you with this …

Regardless of your niche and social media platform of choice — if you want to grow a following that will stick with you, edify you and maybe even one day support you, SERVE.

Be the resource, not the sales person.

If this was helpful definitely let me know in the comments and, how will YOU serve your audience today?

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