grow through the tough times in business

3 Ways to Grow Through the Tough Times in Business

As network marketers (and/or entrepreneurs) you will face tough days. Some will be more challenging than others and those who make it through will tell you the good always outweighs the bad . However, when we are faced with the challenges it’s so tempting to just quit, ‘take a hiatus’ or blame the business as a whole. And so in today’s post, I want to share 3 tips to help you grow through the tough times.

I believe this is something we all need because the reality is when we push those poor feelings ‘under the rug’ it plants those seeds of doubt. So, knowing how to manage them will help preserve self-confidence, belief and faith in your journey.

Grow Through the Tough Times with Self-Awareness


We face struggles, and the more we understand that this is part of the journey, the more self-aware we can become. See, I would encourage you to be mindful of your emotional state. Be very present in how you are feeling both physically and mentally. When we start to become more aware (instead of going through the motions), we can really start to gain a good grasps on the days we need a little more loving on ourselves.

If you find yourself upset or angry for what appears to be ‘no reason’, take a moment and ask yourself what’s really going on. Maybe you find yourself frustrated with prospects or discouraged with the word ‘no’ … dig deeper — why in this moment are you unable to brush it off?

The more aware you become about your reactions, the easier it is to grow through the tougher times.

Be Open to Learning


This one might seem a ‘little out of place’ when it comes to how to grow through the tough times but … let me help make sense of it! Those who overcome challenges and obstacles believe that they can learn, grow and adapt to any situation. In holding onto this belief, it carries leaders (or aspiring ones) through the tough times.

You’ve probably heard sayings along the lines of ‘what is this here to teach me?‘ It may seem redundant or cliché, but do yourself a favor and try it next time you feel like you’re facing a challenge much too big to handle! Surprise yourself.

Shift your Focus


The last point I want to touch on while working on how to grow through the tough times is this …

Instead of focusing on the problem, dissecting it from every angle, focus on something else.

Anything else.

You might spend time auditing your content, focusing on ways to improve it. Maybe you might focus on teaching one of your team members a new skill. You might even scrap work altogether and focus on your golf swing. Whatever you do, give your mind a break from the problem. Come back with a fresh perspective and a healthier mindset.

What things have you found helpful to grow through the tough times?

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