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Great MLM Leader Qualities | Do You Have Them?

If you have no interest in being a great MLM leader, than this post is not for you. If your intentions are simply to enjoy your company products and services, share them here and there, that’s amazing for sure – but in this post, I’m speaking directly to those who want to learn the leadership qualities that are needed to become a leader. I’m speaking to those who want to attain the higher levels of leadership, which include leading a team.

Leadership starts even before you have sponsored your first person. It involves focusing on a long term vision, the future, your future. One could argue it is about playing the part, before being the part (within reason – this isn’t a fake it until you make it idea). But it’s about expecting results to happen, picturing being a great MLM leader that people look up to – in your own organization, and beyond.

great MLM leader

This mindset, this positioning, is attractive to those looking for you, your prospects.

We discuss often the leading with value concept, this is no different. You are of value, and with so much ‘noise’ out there, especially in social media, it’s about putting yourself out there like a leader would. Now, it’s not uncommon to find a fine line in a leadership role, and management role. That’s what I want to discuss today.

Use this opportunity to reflect on the qualities you bring, and do they fall into a leadership quality, or management? It could be through no fault of your own, especially if a leadership role is new to you. We are often conditioned as employees, or managers to act a certain way, and in those types of roles, it is perfectly acceptable. However, to achieve a leadership role, one that a great MLM leader possesses is a different animal (I always found that to be such an odd term to use, but fitting in some cases)

Let me first suggest this …

Leaders, have people follow them. Managers have people work for them.

Would you agree?

Management comments resemble something like ‘my team isn’t doing anything’ or ‘my team isn’t duplicating’. I read an article that suggested these are common phrases among network marketers who perhaps are great recruiters, but then haven’t the slightest idea how to lead those they have brought into their business.

Leadership comments resemble something like ‘how can I serve?’  or ‘how can I help?‘. Now, having said that, a great MLM leader should also be mindful of who deserves their time. They should not be in the business of dragging or making someone do something. The best thing a leader can do, is continue their path of success. You might be familiar with the term that a ‘boss says go, and a leader says let’s go’.

This applies here.

I compiled a bit of a list of what, in my opinion, believe are, the must have’s in a leadership role.

7 Qualities a Great MLM Leader great MLM leader

  1. Focus
  2. Confidence
  3. Transparency
  4. Passion
  5. Inspiration
  6. Patience
  7. Integrity

Please note, these are not in any particular order, and may vary from leader to leader, however, I believe wholeheartedly they are all important. We could also add in there things like, honest, innovative, creative, persistent, and so on…

Another term when it comes to those who are not always as successful in leadership roles are this need to micromanage. This leads to things like dependency, or constant need for direction. This will not develop new leaders, and ultimately in this industry is exactly what we want – Leaders create new leaders. As soon as you get into the hand holding world, you won’t escape it. You may start to feel like your time is abused, or that people don’t develop the confidence to go out on their own. This isn’t there fault … frankly, as a leader, it’s yours.

There was a time when I was still active in the network marketing industry, once my wife and I had attained success, and watching our team grow, duplicate, success, and all things in between, was such a beautiful thing. It wasn’t about creating a group of followers it became about creating a tribe of leaders. Having the ability to take an afternoon off and know that the well oiled machine would keep running. THAT is when you experience true growth, true residual, and true freedom.

One last thing I want to note is a great MLM leader isn’t only knowledgeable in the network marketing space. They have continued (and continue) to nurture their business toolbox. They are constant learners, and not solely through books and audios, but through workshops, mentors, coaches, courses, and then some. A great leader knows that their journey of development is ongoing.

Are you wanting to become a great MLM leader?

Self-Asses, do you possess the skills to get there?

Look forward to seeing you at the top!

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great MLM leader

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