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The Secret to Getting Engagement and Sales on Facebook

The goal of this post is to help you with the secret to getting engagement and in turn more sales, on Facebook. The truth is I don’t need to tell you that your engagement could use a little help, right?

All of us are seeking ways to increase engagement …


Because, more engagement and quality engagement increases sales.

And, this post is going to give you 2 strategies that I personally use and I know will help you along your entrepreneurship journey.

2 Strategies to Getting Engagement and Sales on Facebook


First and foremost I want you to remember this; your audience consists of real people. People who don’t come on social media to be sold to or seen as a buyer. They want to relate to, laugh with and connect to you. Always remember this when you are creating any style of content;

  1. Text content
  2. Video content
  3. Memes


.. and so on. When you keep this at the forefront of your execution, getting engagement and forming new relationships WILL occur naturally. And, for those of you who are unsure what to say to these new (and complete strangers) — check out this blog HERE.

OK, let’s dive in.

Start Reducing Resistance with your Audience


This is a topic I could spend considerable amount of time on but for today, I want to give you a basic checklist to start with. First, ask yourself the following questions;

  1. Is my Facebook profile complete? (and generic company names and links have been removed?)
  2. What does my profile say about me?
  3. Do I have a profile picture of ME? Does my cover photo reflect something about my life?
  4. When I scroll my timelines, does it appear like a sales billboard?


These basic things can really help change the way your audience sees you — especially as a first impression.

If you would like help through a Facebook profile audit — comment below I would love to help point you in the right direction.

Once you are able to reduce resistance with your audience, getting engagement will happen organically. Although my next strategy will dive more into the content side of getting engagement — starting with the basics is super important.

You can look at it as the foundation of it all.

Increase Content that Encourages Participation


Getting engagement, or getting more engagement helps to develop trust. See, this applies not only to those engaging on your content, but demonstrates excellent social proof to those watchers (we all have them!).

Focus on creating content that will encourage engagement. This can include things like;

  1. Caption this (insert picture you want them to capture)
  2. Ask questions, feedback or suggestions
  3. Tell your audience to share an experience, lesson, etc.


In other words, give them a call to action. A sentence or less, that will encourage them to comment on your content. Additionally, live videos are also a great place to ask others to share your video too!

It might feel a little uncomfortable at first however, when you start to see engagement increasing and in turn, your sales growing — that little bit of discomfort is well worth it!

If you are in need of some more ideas for posts that promote engagement, check out this blog HERE.

Overall, getting engagement can be tough at first but, with the right strategies in place (and consistency) it will come. So let me ask you this … how bad do you want it?

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