How to Get People to Join My Business

How Do I Get People to Join my Business?

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How do I get people to join my business? – A common question for many, in the network marketing profession, wouldn’t you agree?

With the amazing capabilities of social media today, it can be simpler than you think to get people to join you. Would you like to learn how to add 3-5 new reps each month to your business? Awesome! I thought so.

In today’s training, you will learn how to get people want to join your business, even if you are brand new. Now, before we dive into the solution in learning how to add 3-5 new reps each month to your business, I thought I would quickly share that the average network marketer enrolls 2 distributors (representatives, etc) in their network marketing career. That may not sound very good, but the good news is, when you apply what I am about to teach you, you will quickly find yourself surpassing the norm.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Brian Tracy says: “Success is predictable. If you do the what other successful people do, you will eventually get the same results that they do.”

Tip number 1:  Learn how to add 3-5 new reps each month is investing in a mentor or coach. Consider this, you have two options: try to figure this whole network marketing thing out yourself (not a good idea), or find a mentor or coach, someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, and literally be able to follow their every step.

This is where I personally had my BIGGEST breakthrough. After struggling for 4 years, I invested in a mentor (who had earned over $8 million dollars in network marketing by the way, and did exactly what he taught me).

Network marketing is a profession of mastering skill-sets. So when you think to yourself, “How do I get people to join my business,” think about learning and mastering skill-sets, and NOT selling products.

Tip number 2: What I believe is the most important skill-set in our profession, is mastering how to talk to people. Is this maybe a fear of yours? Talking to people (in our warm and cold markets) can be uncomfortable, but if we truly want to add 3-5 new reps each month, we must learn and overcome the fear of talking to people. (stay tuned for a full training on how to do that)

Tip number 3: Learning how to ask the right questions when building the relationship. Without understanding our potential prospects problems or needs, how can we determine if our solution is any good for them? Let’s stop “telling” and start asking! By doing this, you will see a shift in your business, and how adding 3-5 new reps each month then becomes your norm.

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to have people to join your business, the right way.


Was that helpful on how simple adding 3-5 new reps into your business every month can be?

I hope this helps you to understand that our profession is not about getting signups or making sales, but rather mastering skill-sets and building relationships with people. To help you fast-track your success, I suggest investing in a coach or mentor. This will help you minimize your mistakes, shorten the learning curve and have the focus on achieving results.

After reviewing this information, you should now know exactly how to get people to join your business. Yes, you can add 3-5 new reps per month into your business with ease if this information is applied.

If you do not currently have a coach or mentor that is teaching you HOW to be successful on social media, click here to join our private coaching community now.

As always, if you got value from this information, feel free to comment below and share on social media and with your teams.

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