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Follow-Up Strategies to Implement Immediately

In this post, I want to share some of our best follow-up strategies to help curb this impression of the follow-up lies with the prospect, not you.

You are no stranger to the sentence; the fortune is in the follow-up, right?

And yet, this continues to be one of the most underused skills in our profession. We are under the strange impression that everyone has us at the top of their priority list. Think about that for a moment. You are the one after something (a sale or sign up); however, you believe others should follow up with you instead. 

Follow-up Strategies to use with your Invitation


For this post, I will assume that you have already ‘mastered the invite‘ and are now at the stage of what I do next?!

Maybe confidence or self-limiting beliefs give us such grief in this stage, but please, stop assuming because you haven’t heard from someone after watching a video or a short conversation that they’re not interested in.

Or that they haven’t been at home every night, praying for something just like this.

This is especially true when you have not set the follow-up directly out of the invitation. In some ways, the follow-up is holding you accountable to check back in with your prospect and applying some healthy pressure for them to follow through with the invite in and of itself.

How you approach this can dictate where things go after the exposure.

It may even dictate if the exposure happens.

The last thing you want to do is come across as salesy or pushy before the ‘reason for the invite’ even happens. But at the same time, you want to remember that this is a business and treating it as such does mean putting some urgency on the potential prospect to follow through.

Consider using a script something along these lines;


— you’re going to have a lot of great questions, and I would love to be able to follow up with you when they’re fresh in your mind. 

This isn’t salesy, and it comes across that you are being mindful of their needs/wants, and it is creating a timeframe in which you know (or can at least assume) that the other person will follow through. Why? Because naturally, people don’t like to let others down, right? And if they feel that if 8:00 p.m. rolls around and you haven’t watched the video, yet they’d be letting you down, use that.

And so, guess what your next steps should be?

Set the follow-up and follow-through.

Staying Organized with Follow-up Strategies


Organizational skills are a definite asset (or a must) in any business.

However, we have found that this can vary from person to person, specifically when using digital tools are the old-fashioned pen to paper type approaches. One of the biggest questions we’re often asked is ‘what planner is the best one for network marketers?’

Here is our answer every time;

It doesn’t matter what planner you use. What matters is that you have the one you will use — consistently. 

You might find it helpful to stay organized by making notes in your calendar or planner on ‘where your prospects’ are in terms of the sale or joining your business. Some people like to use a number system like 1 through 10.

  1. The number 1 means they’re not there now, but always remember to keep them as a contact because no often means ‘not right now.
  2. The number 10 means that they are ready to go – so don’t waste any more time; get them rolling!


Please take note of things that matter to them.


What excites them?

Who or what do they love the most?

Why would this business benefit them – jot down their ‘why.’

If you don’t know these things, you are still pretty early in the relationship, and that’s OK. So continue to work on that and build these answers as you go.

Now, if they’re somewhere in the middle, don’t be shy to ask them questions like;

  1. What more do you need to know?
  2. How can I help you make an informed decision for you and your family?


Keep things simple.

No one likes to be sold, and no one likes to feel pressured, right?

If what you have to offer isn’t for them (right now), don’t jeopardize the relationship you are building for a sale. Instead, keep doing what you do best — implementing those follow-up strategies, and eventually, this can potentially attract them to your offer as time goes on.

Actions speak louder, and being a true, genuine and authentic connection for them is the best thing you can do.

We are always in the planting season.

Plant the seed and keep planting. Harvest time will come, and how you nurture your relationships will dictate the outcome of that harvest. For example, when my wife and I were actively building a network marketing business, some of our best distributors took months – even a year – to join us.

And we can say this with absolute confidence, worth the wait.

stories challenge

Ask permission for the follow-up.


By asking for permission, they will remember that when you reconnect. When you reach out, the burden is on them, for the lack of a better word. They’ve said yes, and you are essentially doing what they said was cool to do.

People will appreciate that.

And always remember to ask for referrals. As we’ve spoken about before, referrals take cold market prospects right into the lukewarm market with a connection. Additionally, let’s assume that a referral ends up purchasing or joining your business – this is a great reference when following up with the person who referred them.

Hey, Susan, thanks so much for introducing me to Mary – she has partnered with me in business now, and we are looking forward to crushing this together!’

See how powerful that can be?

Without question, the fortune is in your follow-up strategies.

Ask yourself this question;

If you knew that it would take three years of nurturing a relationship with someone who eventually partnered with you would lead to millions in sales. Would you keep going?

Of course, you would.

What are some of your best follow-up strategies? Let

me know in the comments!

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