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The Fortune is in the Follow-Up | Network Marketing Tip

If you are in direct sales or network marketing, you have probably heard the line ‘the fortune is in the follow-up‘. However, what  does that really mean? Does it mean you harass people over and over again until they are completely sick and tired of you? Or send them your buy now link and hope for the best?

NO! Of course not.

And, the follow-up process doesn’t have to be complicated either!

There are some pretty simple things you can do that will really pay off in the end. Also, as you go through this post, remember that the follow-up is just as important for new distributors as it is for new customers.

Effective Follow-Up + Exposure

We have found, that the majority of success (purchases) come from the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th exposure. Rarely, and we do mean rarely, does it only require one exposure to start the conversation, let alone turning that exposure into a sale. Now, this obviously depends on what you ‘sell’, but let us assume that we are talking about anything greater than an impulse buy.

Something to keep in mind though, is if you let too much time go by in between exposures, life will get in the way for your prospect. And, things will get busy at their work, their children will have gymnastics and tutoring to attend, and your opportunity will fall further and further down the list.

We promise.

So, the longer you wait between exposures, the more it will take to get them back to the point where you left off with the last exposure. In other words, taking a few steps back from the one step forward.

It could be like starting over from the beginning every time.


A remedy to that? Try to condense 2-3 exposures into no more than a week for the best results. This works out to a pattern of every other day. Remember, social media can make exposures very informal too — and this, is good. Within those exposures however, make at least 1-2 a strong follow up. You might say something like;

‘I’m sorry it took me a couple days to get back with you — last time we spoke you were asking about the all-natural energy drink’

Make sure the product you reference, is real to the conversation. Don’t suggest that was the last conversation and in fact they never once asked you about an energy drink. Although the follow-up is important, being genuine and authentic is critical.

Now, if the sale does not occur during these 2-3 exposures, spread your follow-up out even more. A week, then another week and so on. The next point we need you to truly understand here is this — DO NOT Only making your conversations about your business or products. Ask about them, their family, work, etc. Remember, building relationships should always be at the forefront of everything.

After all, relationships are often the deciding factor throughout the sales or recruiting process.

People want to know you, feel like they trust you and lastly — like you!

Fortune is in the Follow-Up — Every time

Since time and circumstances dictate nearly everything in our lives, you need to continually reach out and touch base with your;

  1. Leads
  2. Prospects
  3. Customers

… to establish and maintain relationships. Simply put, you have to be top of their mind when the need arises. And never count out your existing customers either, it is amazing how many people a satisfied customer can lead you to, if you play your cards right.

In fact, tap rooting (digging deep into your existing customers and/or team) is ideal. Primary because, they are already ‘sold’. And, when you have nurtured a relationship with them over time before, during and after the buying process — referrals are almost a guarantee. And it is likely they will edify you along the way — nothing helps a sale more than that!

The toughest challenge about following up with prospects is reaching the balance between being helpful, showing hustle and checking in without being an annoying pest or stalker who won’t go away.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-sized fits all approach here. And, the guidelines we mentioned above are just that, guidelines. In these follow-up scenarios, we try and put ourselves in the prospect’s shoes to see if we’re being too persistent or annoying.

Always be on the conscious of subtle clues that you are reaching out too much and are starting to annoy the prospect! There’s nothing worse than shooting yourself in the foot because you are too overeager to get their attention.


Follow-Up Requires Posture and Positioning

There are two main things that most people struggle with when it comes to creating an effective follow-up process;

  1. They appear desperate
  2. They become to laid back

Remember we mentioned balance? Exists here too.

Sounding desperate can hurt you more than the other however. Because, here’s the deal — no one likes to feel sold. And, since we all love cliches in this profession — people won’t always remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Consider this for a moment — filling the funnel. When you have a full list of people to follow-up with the likelihood of desperation will be much less. In relation to this, it is important to always connect with new people. Depending on how serious you are about your business, we recommend a minimum 3-5 new contacts every day.

Remember, this doesn’t mean brand new people either. We are pretty confident that if you start going through your friends list there are people you haven’t spoken to in ages (if at all!).

With a full funnel, your follow-up plan should be constant. Using Google Docs or Excel is a simple, affordable (free) and recommended way to keep track.

You will want to make sure you do that!

On your follow-up sheet, be sure to include more than just their name.

Things to consider are;

  1. Name + Date of last conversation
  2. Product or Business focus
  3. Level of interest from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)
  4. Something you enjoyed about your conversation
  5. Any important they mentioned

This will not only help you keep track of your conversation, but also give you an excellent starting point when you follow-up. And, as a bonus a list like this, will also help you remember them as time passes on too.

We would love to hear about your follow-up strategies and/or techniques. Be sure to leave them in the comment section so that we can all, benefit! 

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follow-up in network marketing