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Customer Follow Up Formula for Network Marketers

Familiar with the phrase; ‘the fortune is in the follow up’? Chances are you have heard it time and time again, right? Then let me ask you this — are you following up regularly? Or, are you like the majority of network marketers where this continues to be an area of struggle? In this blog, I want to share with you my customer follow up formula and how you can maximize it using social media.

First things first; customer prospecting. If you are serious about building a solid network marketing business, you need customers. Although there always seems to be a massive focus on recruiting — customer sales are just as important.

After all, customer volume is what creates your residual income. And, over the 3-5 years especially, we’ve seen companies start to really embrace this in places like their compensation plans and in incentives.

In fact in some instances, customers help unlock different areas of the compensation plans and bonus structures more than they ever had before. So, you will probably agree that learning how to acquire customers is key to your business longevity and growth.

Customer Prospecting

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Once you’ve nailed down your plan of action my fool proof follow up formula will have your business growing in no time.

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Customer Follow Up Formula for Network Marketers

If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch the video above yet, I want to give you a short breakdown of what our follow up formula looks like. When we were actively building out network marketing company – we used the formula 1, 3, 7 and 30.

And, this is the same follow up strategy we teach our communities and clients.

When it comes to ‘1’;

This one day follow up is great for prospects you had been chatting with a day prior and told them you would get back to them with info or, your conversation was interrupted and you were circling back. Open with something like ‘so sorry we were interrupted yesterday – how are you today?’. Light, casual but also a soft opener to jump right back in where you left off.

Now, let’s look at ‘3’;

The day 3 follow up formula is perfect for those prospects who have yet to make a decision or, maybe you haven’t heard back from them yet. Day 3 is meant to touch base only! Avoid bringing up your product or service — unless they do. Use this as a relationship building milestone and focus on that alone.

OK, diving into ‘7’;

Still no answer or decision so this day 7 is a great opportunity to help them move along in the process. Check in with them, maybe go as far as reminding them about the problem they mentioned to you that you’re confident your products or opportunity can help them solve.

Lead in with safe words like — ‘I know you’re busy!’ or, ‘thanks for taking time to connect again‘. This will help take the pressure off of them for not getting back to you yet – and recognizing that you value their time.

Last but not least … ’30’;

It is generally around the 30-day mark in the follow up formula you are starting to feel like you’re chasing your tail, right? There could be some feelings of discouragement or maybe even like you’re bothering them. Push through this as best you can — because, sometimes people just need a little bit more time.

Additionally, it shows the prospect that you haven’t forgotten them, you are still building your business and even conscious of their needs. Consistency is key — think about it this way, there are probably people in your network who have expected you to have ‘fallen off’ already. The fact you are still around consistently, speaks volumes to prospects – use that!

Want my Bonus Tip? Make sure you watch the video above and be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube as well! As always, I hope this was helpful and always love your feedback in the comments!

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