Flood of customers using Facebook or IG stories

How to Get a Flood of Customers Using Stories

Let me know if you agree (or not): Facebook and/or Instagram Stories are still under used in the network marketing or direct sales space. Although we’ve seen them exist for years now, consume them regularly and perhaps go in waves of posting them ourselves … we still fall short. I’m hoping this post will encourage you to start using them consistently because they could be the key to a flood of customers for your business.

Intrigued by this?

Customers are everywhere and in my opinion, we should be doing anything we can to reach them.

Where is your Flood of Customers?


At this stage of your business, you are probably pretty consistent in making at least one social media post a day. Whether that be on Facebook or Instagram … you’ve managed to post at least once. What I often refer this post as, is your Home run post.

This is the post that is working to attract customers or distributors, it’s receiving great engagement and things overall with this post are going well.

In the video above, I also reference this post as being the magical castle at Disney World. It’s the spot where everyone wants that picture with the fireworks, music, etc. THIS is like your home run post.

So, what about all the things in between that happen?

Where are your behind the scenes footage of the rollercoaster line ups, your kids dancing with Mickey or Minnie and that delicious funnel cake with all the toppings!? Where are these posts?

THESE posts belong in your stories.


See, your flood of customers are waiting for the goodies leading up to the treasure, too. In fact, more customers are attracted in the relatable, entertaining and value driven goodies more so than the end result.

They want to hear your tips, your suggestions and they LOVE to give you feedback.

Each of these things can be elicited from your audience through the use of Facebook or Instagram stories. Your flood of customers are already there and waiting … They love learning more about you and seeing the vulnerable parts of your day.

I recently published a video and blog on that flood of customers using Instagram Reels (check that out here) and many of the same tips apply;

  1. Use the filters, GIFs and Poll options available
  2. Tag your location, tag someone relevant to the post, ask a question
  3. Keep them short and give them a call to action


Keeping things native to the platform you are using is ideal however, your stories can often be repurposed on other platforms that are offering stories as well;

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest


… to name a few.

When you experience your flood of customers based on you simply sharing your every day life … you WILL wonder why you didn’t start this sooner!

Stories are your Place to be Authentic. 


If you want people to relate to your stories there are two things you NEED to do; be authentic and be consistent.

If you are brand new to using social media stories I suggest starting with 3 and scale up the more familiar you become. Although the sweet spot is 7-10 stories a day, I would hate to see you become overwhelmed in the beginning and not create a habit of getting on the platform daily. So start small and scale as you go.

Canva now offers great story templates you can also take advantage of in the event you want to bulk your content (similar to reels) and have on hand ready to go!

To experience your flood of customers, use stories — it’s really that simple.

I want to leave you with this …

People buy from those that they know, like and trust.

Stories help customers know you, like you and are 10X more likely to trust you based on your social media stories content — that’s some POWERFUL stuff.

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flood of Customers using social media stories