feeling insecure in business

Feeling Insecure or Lacking Posture in your Conversations?

When first starting out, just about every entrepreneur we know has suffered from feeling insecure  in some capacity.  Sure, you’re running a business now, but it’s possible it doesn’t feel like a real business. Perhaps you find yourself staring at your starter package or computer screen wondering, what next? Or, what did you get yourself into.

How you feel about yourself or your business will translate in your conversations with others. Imagine if you were purchasing a product or service and the ‘sales person’ wasn’t confident in the ask (sale). Would you want to follow through with your purchase? Probably not.

In this post we hope to help you find ways to overcome those feelings of insecurity and build a rocking business.

If you feel like you’re struggling and feeling insecure, consider these points.

Focus on your Personal Brand. 

In a network marketing business, your success can be heavily dependent on your personal brand. Take the time and energy to build a strong one.  Write great content, produce valuable videos and focus on giving. Once customers are impressed with or attracted to you, they won’t likely serve you up a buffet of objections or reasons ‘why not’.

The more confident you become in your offering to others, including yourself, feeling insecure starts to fade away. It may very well still be there — but becoming more confident in you and your delivery will silence that inside voice that often holds people back.

Silence the naysayer. Focus on what makes you smile.

Always Overdeliver in the Value Department. 

The reality is that some prospects and customers may be more skeptical working with a network marketing model. Instead of being intimidated by this, use it as motivation to make up for it with amazing customer care and value.  Ensure that the product and/or service you are providing is better than what they’d receive from a big box store for example.  Be attentive to customer requests and extremely professional in all customer interactions.

This is a relationship business, always keep that at the forefront. Because guess what? When your customers start to return to you with solid testimonials, referrals and feedback … those times you were feeling insecure have no where to go but out!

Stop Comparing your Day (x) to Someone Else’s Day (x)

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

It is likely you are familiar with this quote where Theodore Roosevelt, argues that comparing your work, your life, or anything else will only serve to make you unhappy. And, with being unhappy come those ugly moments of feeling insecure.

The truth is we never really know what someone else has gone through in their journey. Especially on social media we only see the good, right? On occasion we will see some of the struggle or downside but for the most part we get caught in comparing the wins.

In network marketing, you will come across people just starting out and others who have been around a long time. And there are others who just grind it out and see success a little earlier than others. But again, without knowing the transferable skills or network they bring to the table even they become an apples to oranges comparison.

Own who you are. Recognize what you bring. Lean on those who want to see you win.

When things go wrong in business, we have this tendency to turn it around on ourselves, as if it means something about our ability. We make up stories that we’re not good enough, that we’re not meant to be in business, and that we should just … give up.

It’s sad, because entrepreneurship is such an amazing opportunity for people. It’s an incredible vehicle for you to create independence, freedom, and financial abundance – and you can’t let the  annoying things in business derail you from your dream.

There has never, ever been a better time in history for you to be successful in business.

Chances are, what scares you today — and you find a way to push through it, won’t scare you tomorrow. 

Ask Yourself what your Dream is Worth …

What life would you like to live? What would your ideal day look like?

These questions will absolutely help you deal with the day-to-day stuff that comes with your business – including the parts that leave you with feeling insecure, defeated or just plain exhausted.

You can think, ‘This is the cost of living my dream, and it’s worth it.

When you have a big dream, you will realize the little things that come up in business are just that – little things.

You will also realize how much more important your dream is than, say, a negative comment on Facebook, no views on a video or someone leaving a mean comment in your group, and so on.

If you’re feeling insecure right now, remember that your journey is your journey. It’s uniquely you, and no one else will have the same experiences you have. That’s what makes it worth living. You will experience some hardships along the way, and they will send you reeling. But don’t give up — your dream is worth it.

What helps you overcome these feelings? We hope that you found this post helpful and we would love your feedback, suggestions or experience in the comments below or connecting with us privately of course!

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