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Facebook Live Mini-Course

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What You'll Learn

The simple tools to help you STAND OUT in the newsfeed and avoid just being another LIVE video!

The EXACT video formula to follow that has helped produce multiple 6-figures in sales!

The secret to ALWAYS knowing what to talk about on your LIVES.

How to Turn Your FB LIVE's into an ATM Cash Machine.





Course Breakdown

This course has a 5 modules full of knowledge on how to conduct and prepare yourself  for making your own successful Facebook Live videos.

Module 1 - How to Get Started with FB LIVE

Tips on preparation and equipment to get the most out of your Facebook Live!

Module 2 - FB LIVE Video Formula

The formula to making videos that attract attention and maintain interest.

Module 3 - What to Talk about On FB LIVE

Pointers on how to come up with subjects that attract attention and maintain audience interest.

Module 4 - How to Increase Engagement

Learn different ways you can interact and engage with your audience to keep them involved.

Module 5 - How to Make More Sales with FB LIVE

What you can do to gear your FB LIVE session to toward sales for your products or services.

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