Facebook tips for network marketing

Facebook tips for Network Marketing

If you are a network marketer and haven’t unlocked the social media world yet – this post is for you. I will cover 6 of my CRAZIEST Facebook tips for Network Marketing in this post.

Like any tip, you need to take action on them to work. Consistency will continually cultivate results. Mixed with a little bit of patience and staying coachable will help take you and your business to levels you may not have imagined possible.

And I say this with confidence because we have seen some incredible success stories take place inside our Facebook communities. People are shocked by the results they started to see with a few minor tweaks to their online presence.

6 Facebook Tips for Network Marketing on Social Media


Before I dive in, these tips will cover much of the what to do or not do. But like anything, I also want to make sure you have actionable steps to take away. So, here are a couple of options;

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Tip 1 – Don’t Spam


And this means anybody — Your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Please avoid this disservice at all costs. It will never pay off. On the contrary, it will end up costing you more than you bargained for in some cases. So decide to stay clear from the temptation to spam.

Tip 2 – Don’t Cold Message with the Intent to Pitch


If cold messaging is the avenue you choose for your business, be a human first. For whatever reason, someone, somewhere, thought it was a great idea to send a friend request immediately followed with a pitch. Some cases to join their company or purchase products and/or services. I promise you will not foster good relationships this way – let alone grow a business.

Tip 3 – Make Live Videos and Reels a Priority

We know live videos or, more recently, reels work. So, I would suggest committing to going Live or creating new reels consistently. This is without question one of my top Facebook tips for those in network marketing. I get it; people are scared or maybe feel like they don’t have something worthwhile to share. Well, guess what? You sure do! And, your audience wants to hear it!

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Tip 4 – Launch your Business with an Unboxing Video


New products came in? Are you stoked about your new business? GREAT! Go Live and let your audience in on some of this action! Our Virtual Impact Academy has access to some of my top tips on this and a whole lot more. 

Tip 5 – Master Curiosity Posts


Creating curiosity is among one of the best Facebook tips for network marketing. The more you can pique the interest of your audience, the more likely they are to reach out. Check out some great posts on this website on how to craft and deliver these effectively.

Tip 6 – Commit to a Long-Term Plan


Whether you are building your business part-time or full-time great things, take time! Have trust in the process that if you work, it will too. Depending on the size of your goal, it could take a month, six months, three years or even more to attain. 

Be realistic in your expectations and remember, this is a business — treat it as one.

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Facebook tips for Network Marketing