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5 Facebook Post Ideas To Create Sales | Network Marketing

You’ve launched your business and your goal is to build it using social media. Great! But, is it possible you are not even sure where to start? Sure it’s attractive knowing that you can build a successful business right from your phone, right? So you make a post and all you experience are crickets. Now what?! Well — you’re in the right place! Because, in this post, I am going to share with you 5 Facebook post ideas that will help you attract more people.

Therefore, create more sales.

All of the Facebook post ideas you will find below, have been tried — tested — and true!

They have been executed by us, our clients, etc.

So, I would love your feedback once you’ve gone through them (even a few) and if you have any we’ve omitted definitely share those as well!

Never Run Out of Facebook Post Ideas Again!


First and foremost, think of your post as a first exposure for your audience. The goal, is to have them engage even reach out, right?. But please keep in mind that the post is your first step … You want to ensure you are engaging with those interested, reaching out or more importantly following up!

Your audience overall wants to know one thing;

What you can do for them!

Keep this in mind as you craft your content because they need to see the benefit you have. Your products, services and business opportunity will always come second (or third!).

Let’s get started.

#1 Share Value. 


Create content that gives 3-4 answers about a problem your ideal prospect might have. For example; 4 ways to help you sleep better or, top 5 weight loss tips. As you go on, you can start to direct these broader topics and deliver more specific information.

Do not be afraid to give away tons of value.

And, do it consistently!

#2 Repurpose Someone Else’s Content.


Think about a video, blog or Facebook post you have come across that you thought YES this is so good! Well, find ways to repurpose it. You can even preface it by ‘I saw this great video today by Coach Fryer and knew you would love it‘. Then, simply share your reactions, thoughts and perspectives about it.

If it resonated with you — it is very probable it will resonate with your audience too!

#3 Interview Another Authority in your Niche.


Have you connected with, or reached out to an authority or expert in your niche? Don’t be afraid to ask them if you can interview them. This will not only give them exposure to your audience but can help open their audience up to you!

Collaboration over competition.

#4 Share your Story!


Facts tell, stories sell. Everyone has a story to share — think about situations or experiences in your life that would be relevant to your audience. Creating a story style Facebook post is among one of the best ways to get real and vulnerable with your audience.

You’re a professional — don’t be afraid to go there.

#5 Create a Tutorial Video or PDF


Think about something you can show others how to do in a step-by-step video. Tutorial videos (or PDFs) are great resources that allow for dynamite shareable content. You have skills, tap into them and what may feel like second nature to you could be a breakthrough for someone else.

Don’t overlook your gifts.

Bonus Tip: Serve First


Whether you are just developing your audience or looking to exponentially grow it — they matter above all else. Take the time to see what things they are interested in and how you can help fill a need. Just because someone wants to lose weight, doesn’t mean they need your product.

Or, just because someone wants to sleep better doesn’t necessarily mean that they need your magic drops.

There are hundreds of absolutely incredible companies out there impacting and bettering people’s lives. By serving with value, tips, tutorials, etc. you are developing a surface level of trust.

It is then up to you, to connect, learn about them and nurture a relationship.

Be consistent with your content, listen to your audience and over deliver.

Which Facebook post will you create next?

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