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How to Earn an Income using Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is still KEY in the world of network marketing and direct sales. It’s the key to creating new relationships, staying connected to prospects, communicating with teams and a whole lot more.

Like many things in the world of business, we get so caught up on making a sale or recruiting a new business partner when instead, view this skill as having a conversation — being a human above all else.

What is Facebook Messenger?


Since it’s a pretty safe assumption that you are actively using a Facebook account, it’s probable you are already pretty familiar with Facebook Messenger — but perhaps you’re struggling to be effective and efficient using it.


There are TONS of features packed into Messenger; 

  1. Send texts, pictures and videos
  2. Make voice or video calls
  3. Send GIFs
  4. Reply to stories
  5. Send money
  6. Play games
  7. Send content to


Overall, a super compatible program for pleasure or, for business. So, you might be thinking ‘this is great, but what does this have to do with my business?’

Great question.

How to earn an Income using the Messenger App


First things first…

We are in the relationship marketing business, right?

So the next 3 tips and strategies we are about to share all start with relationships as a foundation. There is no exception to this ‘rule’. As network marketing professionals, we are committed to bettering and impacting the lives of others.

And as a result, when our focus is to serve others, impact and enrich lives … relationships are the currency.

First  …


Celebrating others Birthdays! Chances are you have heard this tip before but you might be surprised to know that only about 10% of people actually implement it. Facebook does a great job of letting us know when Birthday’s are happening with those on our friends lists.

You can find them on a desktop/laptop on the right hand column of your screen, and on mobile they are always listed in the events section. Make this a habit every day to reach out to people. As I mentioned above, there are 3 ways you can connect on messenger; text, audio and video.

Texts are easy right, almost impersonal. However, sending a short voice note can be super effective in opening a conversation and a video even more so. These voice or video notes don’t need to be anything more than a quick ‘Happy Birthday (insert name)!’. And, their effectiveness is huge!

Action Step: Go look right now at your Facebook page and send a quick Happy Birthday to each person celebrating today! (If you would rather not, free up some space on your friends list and remove those you are choosing not to interact with)

Impact Playbook

Second up …


When you connect with new friends typically, Facebook with send you a note on messenger that you are connected with them. Take this courteous note and shoot them a message. A few things to note in your message are these;

  1. Utilize their name when you send a message (text, audio, video) This helps personalize the experience.
  2. Comment on something you noted on their profile; a recent trip, child, location, etc.
  3. Close the message by letting them know why you are excited about connecting with them.


It is in these moments you are opening the relationship door. Too often, when we are actively prospecting we send requests or accept friend requests and then lose track of who they were/are. Make a habit of connecting with new people almost right away. And, if you can’t do it immediately when Facebook sends you the message – take note of their name and follow up as soon as you can.

But PLEASE, do not use this as an opportunity to pitch your business, use copy/paste phrases like ‘connect with like-minded people’ — be authentic, be YOU.

Action Step: Take a quick look through your inbox. Take note of how many people you have yet to connect with over the past couple weeks. This can also include people that you have not responded to, whose you were going to follow up with, etc.

Chances are you have leads at your fingertips that continue to fall through the cracks.

Lastly …


Add at least 3-5 new people to your Facebook every, single day. You have to be actively building your friends list with new prospects but more importantly, people you want to surround yourself with. Maybe these are positive people, others with common interests, old friends or colleagues, etc.

Make a point of connecting with at least 3-5 new people every day.

In the event you are maxed out on your friends list, audit your list. I would bet that you are not communicating regularly with 5,000 people. So be proactive and always focus on enhancing your list. When you are adding these 3-5 new people a day — please know that this does not mean pitching these 5 new people every day.

In fact, when you are cultivating real relationships — your business may not even come up until the 4th or 5th conversation.

When you are filling the funnel daily, waiting to the 4th or 5th conversation won’t feel like forever. In fact, you will find yourself busy with so many other conversations reaching the 4th or 5th that it becomes a great cycle.

Action Step: Audit your friends list. Start to proactively remove those of whom you simply don’t jive with anymore. They might be people who don’t even have active accounts anymore, people you don’t look for or consume their content, people you’ve outgrown or quite frankly — never speak to.

Unless you are someone who is simply earning too much money, and is OK leaving income on the table … you should be using Facebook Messenger, and using it effectively.

The potential with new conversations daily is limitless. It is a great platform to continue filling the funnel, a perfect way of following up and a much more personable way of connecting with others!

Where are you at with using Facebook Messenger for your business? How are you moving your new connections into warm market ones? (here’s a blog to help when you’re there!)

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