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The Posts’ that Facebook Loves the Most may Shock you

Earlier this year, around February we were told that; the Facebook algorithm will prioritize ‘meaningful interactions’ from friends and family over content from brands. It has become harder than ever to get your organic content the screen time it deserves. And yet, there are clear studies that tell us what Facebook loves the most – are you taking action?

Facebook is still the largest social media network in the world.

So although it can be difficult it is still without question the platform to be on. Especially in our opinion, network marketers. In past, we have encouraged you to ignore the algorithm – that’s the experts place to be – this is still true. However, what we want to share with you today which posts are winning the long-term game.

We believe, that the more you incorporate these posts into your content calendar – you will be set!

Which Posts is it that Facebook Loves the Most?


How-to Articles. 

Didn’t see that coming did you? In fact, either did we until we gave it a bit more thought. See we know images and videos fare exceptionally well on the newsfeed, right? After all, it’s why we stress the importance of Live Videos and share tips about how to enhance your images. So where on earth did the how-to articles show up on the scene?

Let’s break it down.

For those who are looking for immediate to short-term engagement infographic type images and videos win, hands down. But for those who are looking for content that will continue to be viewed, engaged with and even shared you will want to keep reading.

This is a two-fold tip.

The first, is if you have a website that you are writing content on. Based on 2017 and 2018 stats, we have seen a shift that blogs between 1500 and 2000 words are great for traffic on places like Google. However, when you are sharing your content to Facebook through these mediums, the numbers change dramatically.

So much so, that Facebook actually prefers blogs/articles of 10,000 words or more.

Holy Cannoli! Especially since Shorter has always taken the cake in this arena. So, when we dive a little deeper this tells us one main thing … Facebook audiences are starving for information more than we ever thought.

Because everyone does lists, right? Even we do – now, we know our audience quite well so we know that shorter lists are great for the information we’re delivering. However, lists are also way over-done when they are 10 facts or less.

Interestingly enough, lists of 85+ ‘things’ took the cake when it came to lists.

Crazy, right?

And we get it, maybe even super intimidating. Although, if you created a list of 85+ tips/tricks, you could take each one of those separately and create its own dialogue. All the while your top 85 list continues to thrive.

This, is where your second of the two-fold comes in. Taking a large piece of content that you publish somewhere on the web; blog, webzine, forum, Blogger, etc. and you take each piece, one by one, and create content around it.

Ideas for creating content that Facebook loves with a short tip are;

  1. A meme or image
  2. Short video or Facebook Story
  3. Question & Answer style post
  4. Did you know style post
  5. A GIF
  6. Short and actionable post

… and many more!

This is taking Repurposing Content to an entirely new level. Think about it … If you took the time to write one solid piece of content on the back end you will have also created 85+ days of content. How powerful is that? Imagine having 85+ pieces of content just ready to go.

Talk about game changer.

So, we know that Facebook loves the longer style posts for long-term results, and we know Facebook loves shorter visual posts for short term. Using the above strategy, you are hitting both nails on the head. We don’t know about you but — sounding better and better as we go!

Facebook Loves Evergreen or Current Events Content?

Another great question! And, this answer is virtually similar to the statement above. Current events, like shorter visual posts will win every time on the short-term strategy game. However, evergreen content is going to knock it out of the part when examine long-term strategies.

Why? Because like any media headline or story they are short lived more often than not. Think of the latest hot news you hear and decide if it’s something you heard much about after the first day.

Probably not.

So creating evergreen posts are the way to go. In fact, this is closely related to why we discourage against posting your company sales images and posts. Sure, Facebook loves great imagery but that content is short lived – rarely is someone ever going to contact on a post when the sale is over, right?

Whereas evergreen content (including videos) continues to be helpful. Even long after the content was delivered.

Curious about what day Facebook Loves the most for social sharing?

Tuesdays! (maybe Facebook loves Tacos too – OK, weak joke!) The reality is, if you have a longer style piece of content you want to get out there and reach the masses with – save it for a Tuesday. And, according to Facebook (2018) again, between noon and 1:00 p.m. is the best time slot.

Needless to say, we may reconsider our own social sharing strategies after this information!

Alternatively the next best time is 8:00 p.m. and this should be done in the Eastern Time Zone. It is the ‘safest’ time to hit on each zone – specifically in North America.

Final Thoughts on what Facebook Loves the Most

Evergreen, how-to and lengthier content. We think that summarizes it best, right? The best thing to do is start with one main topic. Even take it back to primary school with your brainstorm bubbles. Choose one main topic that you can elaborate the heck on!

Choose dozens of sub-topics that compliment your main one and start documenting why you chose them. Perhaps it’s their effectiveness, pricing, quality, location, services, etc. Start creating some longer style content that you can both elaborate on or dissect bit by bit.

Lastly, what we find best about this information is that so few will actually follow through despite Facebook telling us exactly what Facebook loves the most! Tell us, will you follow through?

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