How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Early in 2020, Facebook announced that they were making a a greater shift towards community. The ultimate goal, is to create more meaningful relationships and connections. And so, I want to share with you 2 primary ways that you can use Facebook groups to grow your business.

Why? Well, few key elements are;

  1. Facebook Groups content will be more prevalent in the newsfeed
  2. More and more people are being ‘suggested‘ groups on their timelines
  3. Facebook is ‘rewarding‘ active members in communities

Although we won’t get into any algorithm conversations today, just note that if you are either a contributor or creator, Facebook is your fan.

2 Nuggets for using Facebook Groups to Grow your Business

Fun Facts: There are more than 10 million Facebook groups and, more than 400 million people are active in groups, daily. In other words there is a huge piece of the pie out there and I would love for you to take hold of this opportunity.

I like to break down the 2 ways of using groups for your business into the simplest terms;

  1. Contributor
  2. Creator

A contributor means you are engaging and sharing in groups that are not ‘owned’ by you.

Here are a few strategies on maximizing to monetize time spent on this.

Find 2-5 ACTIVE groups related to your specific niche you can CONTRIBUTE in!

You will want to create 2 posts per week  and, use the 3X10 rule to stay efficient yet effective. In case you’re not familiar with this ‘rule’; spend 3 days a week in these groups engaging and interacting for 10 minutes. This time should not include the content you create to post/share in these communities.

Remember, you are playing in someone else’s yard so to speak, respect the group rules, encourage positivity and inspiration and, offer GREAT value (NO sales pitch). This is why being active in groups specific to your niche is important — you have the expertise and in niche groups you have a captivated audience.

The second way you can use Facebook groups to grow your business is being the creator (of one).

To start, you want to create your own group (if you need help with this, consider jumping into our Virtual Impact Academy)

YOU are the resource, you are the impacter!

Having your own groups is a great way for building your brand and, your name. The goal as a group owner is to provide generic value to your niche, and gently mention products or services 2-4 times per month! Too often we see group owners get carried away on the sales side and omit the value. Remember, people buy from those they know, like and trust — give them a reason to do that.

Overall, I hope you found this valuable and I am excited to see you harness the power of Facebook groups to grow your business. You already have the expertise position yourself for others to benefit from/through you. Here’s the thing — we already know that Facebook is putting more emphasis on these communities so it’s time for you to create the impact and grow your connections.

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Facebook Groups to Grow