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How to Keep your Facebook Group Active and Engaged

Are you having a tough time getting people in your Facebook group active and engaged?  When done correctly, Facebook groups have the potential to generate direct leads for your business and even sales. All you need is a high engagement rate where people share, discuss, respond and start buying from you – and the best part is it’s totally free.

How do you keep your Facebook group Active and Engaged?

Have a SET schedule!

One primary difficulty group owners and admins have when it comes to Facebook groups is lack pf predictability for the members. Themed days are a great way to keep your group actively engaged. This helps you ‘train’ group members on what to expect.

For example in my own Facebook community over 12K+ members, we host watch parties every Tuesday and Thursday. This way, if members missed a live video from earlier in the week or even previous ones, they can always participate with myself or an admin and keep the dialogue going.

Stop Selling so Much!

Here’s a tough truth (because it might even be you reading this) … most people who have their own group OVERSELL way too much! Your members probably didn’t choose to join your group because they wanted to be sold to. Of course there are exceptions to this is you are a buy and sell group, real estate group, or a customer specific group, etc.

However, if you have positioned your group to be a place of value, community resources and learning — DO that! We’ve seen a Facebook group active and engaged to a ghost town rather quickly. Members will start unfollowing notifications or quite frankly, leave the group all together.

Please be mindful of how much selling you’re doing because the reality is, if you are providing enough value these people won’t need to be sold to — they’ll be the ones looking for you.

Create MORE Useful Content

In the simplest way possible; if your content valuable, members will keep showing up!

Keep your content generic and include tools for your members like;

  2. PDF’s
  3. Free Webinars
  4. Regular Trainings

This will not only have people knowing that you are a great resource for them but, it’s probable they will even share your available content with others. Consider this a great growth strategy for attracting others to your community as well.


As an added bonus, ask all your new members to introduce themselves. This is a nice way to make the new members comfortable and get the conversation started. When people introduce themselves, they feel valued, heard and they consider the entire group as a family because it is easy for them to engage with the members in future.

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