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8 Engagement Strategies for your Business on Facebook

Are you interested in attracting more eyeballs to your content? We know by now, that content is crucial, right? However, we need people to see it! And so, long gone are the days where you can get away  with posting things like ‘hey, I am looking for 5 dedicated women!’ Not only do they not work — but they’re harmful. If this is how you’ve been posting — you should stick around for the engagement strategies.

We want more for you.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you 8 engagement strategies. These strategies will not only help you gain more traffic but increase the likelihood of people reaching out.

Why Does Engagement Matter?

We figured we should start with the basics. Engagement in many cases results in more visibility, more impact, and ultimately more sales. You’ve nailed the content piece (or at least on your way), but now what? With the right content, you will tap into your audiences pain points, create some type of emotional connection and can expect that it will reach beyond your immediate network.

When others see engagement on a post — they become curious, right? They want to check out what’s happening and ultimately become part of the conversation. Think about the last post you saw with tons of comments, how many did you read before commenting yourself?

It’s human nature.

Now of course loves and likes and haha’s are important, the best part with the right engagement strategies are shares. This is like your friend opening you up to their world. THAT it powerful stuff. And so, think bigger than your immediate circle. You’ve done an audience audit of sorts – customer avatar – what type of people are they connected to?

Let’s look at some strategies to help you get those who don’t know (yet), engaged.

8 Engagement Strategies for your Business

This list was carefully put together using a few ways that have never failed us;

  1. Taking note of what is working for others
  2. Trial and Error on our own part
  3. Asking the right questions
  4. Evaluating our risks

Schedule some time into your calendar where you can check out what others in your niche are executing on. What do their images look like? How are they asking for the next step or sale? Are they using longer or shorter content? Consider what your niche has always figured out and don’t be shy to put your own spin on it!

#1 Collect Questions for a Q&A Session

Consider creating a post that asks for your audience to ask any question they may want to know of you. These work great in Facebook Groups especially. But even on your personal profile – ask your audience if they could ask you anything, what would it be?

Take this opportunity to go Live to share your answers or, begin creating posts using the questions your audience has. It may surprise you what people want to know — user generated is the BEST content.

#2 Use (but do not overuse) Emojis

Including emojis to help illustrate emotions is far more powerful than you might think. Posts with a few emojis almost always generate more traffic than posts without. Be strategic about them. Truthfully, although we love emojis we never imagined them to be part of our engagement strategies. That of course is until you realize they work!

#3 Celebrate Someone!

Please note, this does not mean celebrate a cheque or rank advancement. However, you can always celebrate someone who is working hard, acts of kindness, etc. Think of the people you can celebrate and do it!

#4 Ask a Question

This one we’ve been using probably the most consistently. Ask your audience a question. And listen, there are TONS of things you can ask about. Mix them up go from Netflix to new photo App. There’s no right or wrong and know this… These posts generate a ton of engagement so be sure you are loving back on people!

#5 Stay Current with Trends

One of the most effective engagement strategies is to touch on topics that are already trending. This not only helps you show up in the news feed with those key, trending words but, it also allows your audience an opportunity to chime in on something they have probably just heard about.

People love to give their opinions, create a safe space for them to do so.

#6 Humor Never Fails

The best type of comical stories are ones about you. People love to laugh about silly stories or something that just seems off the wall but totally true at the same time. In the world of memes and GIF’s the humor capabilities are everywhere.

For example, you could post a funny image and ask people to comment with a GIF that matches the image in some way. Or, ask people to create a story out of GIF’s following one right after the other. These types of engagement strategies are ones that become evergreen as well. Meaning, they could easily be poked months down the road and have then engagement continue.

#7 Throwback Pictures

Whether you add a throwback picture of yourself or a device from when you were growing up — have your audience chime in. This will not only become a great tool in your engagement strategies toolbox BUT, will help identify some new demographics within your audience.

#8 Give, Give, Give … and Give Some More!

Want more engagement? Give it! When people see that you actively comment their content, naturally they will want to return the favor. Make sure that you are adding this time into your schedule. Maybe it’s the very first thing you do when you hop on social media for the day. Show your audience that you genuinely care about their content – take the time to leave a kind word, answer a question or even just to let them know you appreciate them.

What do you think? Which if these engagement strategies will you add to your schedule first?

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