Survive the Emotional Roller-Coaster in MLM

Surviving The Emotional Roller Coaster in MLM

You’ve probably found your way here because you’re a network marketer, or direct sales consultant in some capacity. Having said that, you’ve probably experienced the emotional roller coaster in MLM that doesn’t seem to discriminate who you are. Be it the brand new person starting out, or the seasoned marketer. Having said that, some of us manage them better than others, through coping strategies or more importantly support and community. 

emotional roller coaster in MLMSo let’s take a minute and have a look at this ride. Like there is in life, there are ups and downs – familiar with the saying we need a breakdown before a breakthrough? Now whether you believe in that or not, ups and down are inevitable – and when you’re working on building a massive organization they will happen. And, I want to make sure you’re ready for them.

The Emotional Roller Coaster In MLM

Picture this. You have just launched the most amazing opportunity (company). You are super excited – may not be entirely sure where to start, so you just start sharing your excitement. Probably making some common mistakes like sharing way too much information, or turning your Facebook wall into a billboard, and that’s OK, it’s often where most people start (unfortunately) but the good news is you will learn this isn’t effective early on.

This will be a very valuable lesson because as you climb this mountain of excitement, the more no’s you get, this peak of excitement quickly turns downhill. You start to lose a little bit of that fire burning in your belly, you might question if you made the right decision, among other negative self talk phrases …. but the good news is, is that it’s OK. Because the better news is? That emotional roller coaster in MLM that you’re riding on – goes back up! …. and that ceiling has infinite potential.

emotional roller coaster in MLMDuring these ups and downs, is where your support system needs to be locked in place. Knowing who or where you can turn to when you’re experiencing the lows. What I want to stress, is you want to ‘look up’, look to people who are in the hierarchy, people who have already experienced this. You might consider a community like the one I’ve built on Facebook, that is designed to not only mentor network marketers like yourself, but support them as well.

What you can expect from that, is you’ll learn from an experienced Network Marketer (yours truly, Coach Fryer) who will share his stories, of his journey, and how he managed to navigate the emotional roller coaster in MLM that all Network Marketers eventually go through. 

Once you are able to learn how to best manage your own emotional roller coaster, is you will in turn, be able to support your growing team through this experience as well. By learning this, tapping into coaches and/or communities, you could potentially be saving your own career in the profession, along with those reps and distributors you are working with. And you and I both know, retention is a pivotal piece in our growth.

So why not do everything you can to survive that emotional roller coaster in MLM?

Consider this, I read an article recently that discussed the ups and downs of the profession – not recruiting the way one would like, perhaps not reaching a sales goal or volume target, people quitting, companies changing, among dozens of others. What is important to strive for is ’emotional balance’. The writer spoke of the acronym M.O.N.E.Y. which stands for Management Of Negative Emotions – Yours. How about taking that one to the bank?!

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It’s about managing what is managing you! In layman’s terms, whatever is controlling you, is also controlling your business.

The good news? These negative emotions are temporary, it’s really only a matter of time before you overcome them and you’re back ready for that uphill climb, mixed with a loop here n’ there.Setbacks and disappointments will happen – so being prepared for them is crucial. It’s really the difference between making it or breaking it. I know you deserve to make it.

Lastly, here’s a few tips I would suggest to help prepare yourself for this emotional roller coaster in MLM:

  1. Personal Development – Books or Audio whatever works best for you. Fill yourself with goodness. Here’s a great book to start with
  2. Seek out a coach or community to support you. These situations are often non bias, and can typically give a much more objective rationale versus one that is invested in you.
  3. Know that who is supposed to be in your business, will be.
  4. Discover the teachable moment in the lesson being taught.
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