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How important is your time? My guess would be, very. It’s possible you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day, right? Especially when it comes to balancing your existing schedule, and your network marketing business. This post will leave you with some easy time management tips, specifically, for the network marketing professional.

The reality is, most network marketers have a day job, families to look after and other life commitments.

Often, by the time they return home from work, have dinner, spend time with their family and maybe catch their favorite television show – the day is over and as a result, it’s bedtime and the business received zero attention.

We know that in order to succeed in the network marketing profession, allotting time for your business is not only important, it’s a must. You know, those things we make non negotiable.

The good news is, and it’s likely you’ve heard this before, that we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

It is what we do with those hours, that matter the most.

It’s possible we don’t even realize how much free time we actually have, until we go about scheduling the time. Let’s consider personal development for a moment – I start here because it all starts within.

Getting our mind right will take us through the best of times and the worst of times.

Easy Time Management Tips Designed for you!


For Personal Development

It’s probable, that you commute to work. What if I suggested instead of radio channel flipping, or listening to the morning talk show, you replaced it with some type of audible personal development. Literally, turning your vehicle into ‘Drive Time University’.

Don’t drive? No problem, ‘audible’ is a great resource available right onto your smart phone that you can download the same audios and plug those earphones in for your commute.

Not only are these great options to fulfill the necessary personal development time – but it’s a great way to start your day.

For Business Hours


This is one that is far too often overlooked. It is when people find that they are spending hours on their business because they have been scrolling through Facebook or other social media. Decide what hours you are able to commit to your business, and avoid counting the hours that you are wasting surfing the newsfeed.

I always recommend to my community and coaching clients that they need to schedule at least one (1) hour a day for their business. Please keep in mind that more time is ideal, but I appreciate that we all have to start somewhere. If you spend your one hour lunch break surfing Facebook, my friend, this is not working your business.

Scheduling specific hours that involve income producing activities … is.

Set a specific goal when you log on. For example: I will connect with 5 new people today about my business. Before doing anything else, make that happen. Reach out, start a new relationship, open up some dialogue with a new prospect.

So, if you choose your business hours to be between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., every single day – then this means anything else needs to be scheduled around that. Easy time management is only easy, when we apply it. Pick a time that will be the less likely to be interrupted.

Treat your business as though it was a brick and mortar or storefront business, open between this time and that time.

No exceptions.

Easy time management tips

For Follow Up


Remember, network marketers are always filling a funnel. Since you’ve committed to connecting with  5 new people daily, don’t forget to circle back around to them. We know, that most people require multiple conversations or exposures to your business before they are ready to buy from you, or join you in business.

The fortune is in the follow up, so be sure to include that in your daily schedule.

How much more productive will you feel when you are able to look back after one hour (or more) and see the list of new people you have created conversations with, and more so, the results of your follow up?

As human beings, sometimes seeing is believing, so a great way to document the productive time you spend, and how effective you are at managing that time, will allow you the opportunity to see more time in your day – to spend on doing things you love, or increase the hours spent on your business.

For ‘Chunking’


You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Coach Fryer, what is chunking?‘. Consider it as doing things in batches. As mentioned above in terms of follow up – perhaps you choose every Monday and Friday to complete your follow up calls/messages. Creating something predictable and chunking your hours, will allow your prospects and/or converted prospects to know when you are available for them.

This will encourage respect amongst others, because it is respectful of your time. Working in batches like this will also allow for habit forming activities, ones that will eventually become second nature for you to perform.

Creating healthy habits are one of the biggest breakthroughs for time management.

For Results


Are you familiar with the 45/10/5 rule? Let me break it down for you.

Work for 45 minutes on income producing activities. This means no interruptions. Turn off anything that isn’t income producing. If your focus in on Facebook prospecting, turn of your email, your television, your phone, etc. Let me reiterate, during this time, don’t let anything interrupt you.

Once your 45 minutes are up, take a break. Spend 15 minutes doing whatever you want; watch a video, check your Facebook, grab a drink, use the washroom, etc. This 15 minutes is your time.

After your break, spend the next 5 minutes, plotting your next 45 minutes of work. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish in the next allotted time of work – use an action check list.

This type of time management structure doesn’t solely need to be for your network marketing business either. In fact, you can apply this is any aspect of your life – you will find that you are far more productive and the scheduled breaks will allow you to break free of what might feel like an endless cycle of nothing.

This will help you reflect and gauge on your results every 45 minutes – and THAT, is powerful stuff.

Lastly, your time is your most prized possession, your most precious asset. Once you begin to apply the easy time management tips mentioned above, (and grab ‘Your Impact Playbook’) I assure you, your business (and your bank) will thank you!

All you need is a little discipline and some effective planning.

Your results, will come with consistency.

And, for less than a dollar be sure to grab my Amazon Best Seller: Your Impact Playbook to help you become MORE productive throughout your new found time for your business.


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