Duplication In Your Network Marketing Business

Duplication, the everything of network marketing. Despite being one of those infamous buzz words – it is one of the most important aspects to master. And, although this is easier said than done, knowing how to create duplication within your team is key. This means whether you be working with a team of two or two thousand – there is no number too big or too small.

But, what if I told you it starts with you?

Because the truth is, it does.

Let me explain.

Many people, and maybe even you, get involved with network marketing and they have this belief that it is like winning the lottery. They believe that everyone will join them and they will be on their way to earning a great income. Now, this is entirely possible as far as income in concerned – but the likelihood of everyone you know jumping on board, we both know is very unlikely.

And, this is why learning and implementing a variety of different skills is important. So, when you learn a new skill – how do you gauge if you know how to do it? You implement it. Right? This is the same foundation required to create duplication in your network marketing business.

Most people unfortunately do not see instant success let alone duplication. So, in this post I want to share with you some important tips that will help you create duplication in your team.


Think of it like this …

Picture this, you open a brand new food truck. You are excited to serve your food across the city – maybe even the state or country. Would you expect everyone to just line up because you’ve opened your doors and ask you how they can open a food truck just like yours? Would they all be as excited as you to get started with zero obstacles and the same passion you have?

Chances are pretty slim, right?

Coach Fryer, what does this have to do with creating duplication?

You see, the same can be said about your network marketing and/or direct sales business. And, please know this is not to discourage you or assume that this will never happen, but we need to take ownership of what we are doing above all else. Even more so, what we are displaying for others to see. Others referring to prospects and/or team members.

Let me give you an example. You suggest to your brand new teammate that they should do Facebook Live videos, because they work better than anything else. And, although this might be true – you have never done one yourself.

My question to you would be – if they work so well, why haven’t you done one? 

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(and plug them in too!)

Duplication will come from Your Efforts

Here’s the reality, it is a great addition to your team when you recruit business builders. And sure, a great goal to have – however – why not create an army of business builders. Just because someone hasn’t built a business before, or perhaps they didn’t attain the success level they would have liked (yet), doesn’t mean it’s not in them.

Your team WILL watch what you do. Be sure that you are leading from the front. It is similar to when you first started, the bulk of your income earned was coming from the work you put in. Not from anyone else. Since this is a business, you want to work it that way consistently. You want to be able to look at your team and suggest an action that you know works, because you have done it yourself.

You want that when they ask you ‘are you sure?‘ (or something along those lines) you can confidently say YES! That’s what I’ve done/am doing.

To Create Duplication, it Starts with You

You might be thinking to yourself that it isn’t the answer you were hoping to hear. But, guess what?  You are the primary variable when it comes to creating duplication within your team. Want or expect them to do something? Do it first. And this involves just about every component of this business. Be it cold messaging, recruiting, making videos or going live, using attraction marketing, building relationships, and all things in between.

Three Things you must know when it comes to being able to create duplication in your team

Get your team started right duplication

A cold fact is that 95% of people who join a networking marketing or direct sales business, will fail or quit. This determination is typically happening far too early in their business – so feel confident that those who ‘stick around’, and work, will exceed this statistic. However, knowing this stat is important. Why? Because this tells us that getting someone started right is a step that is likely overlooked too often.

Creating an action plan, a strategy, goal setting, plugging them into a system, setting a routine, etc. could be pivotal to early success, or lack thereof. Human beings are creatures of habit. We like to do something and see results. Do something else, gain a new result or reward – and so on. so, with an action plan of getting started right will initiate that type of reaction early on. This is not only rewarding to your new team member – but it is motivating for them.

And, we know that when people are motivated, things happen.

Having an established system

This, does not mean reinventing the wheel! There are proven systems that have worked time and time again. Use them! This might involve things like conference calls, or threeway calls with an spline. It might mean plugging them into a company Facebook group, or leading with your story. Whatever the case is – do that.

And in turn, teach your team to do that. Remember? Leading by example.

I have a free community on Facebook where we share discussions around these types of things specific to social media. What profiles or posts elicit the right attention – how to build relationships through Facebook messenger, etc. This is a system that has been tried, tested and found to be true.

Your company may have a system that suits your needs – having said that if your intention is to build a business using social media, unfortunately very few companies are there yet. Some are making efforts to be there – with social sharing tools, etc. But, when it comes to recruiting on social media, or using things like attraction marketing – they’re often, behind.

duplicationCulture and Camaraderie

This should never be overlooked. Ever. In fact, we know that this is a relationship business where people, join people. Above everything else (usually). Which is why, creating a culture that people want to be and stay apart of is crucial to duplication in your business.

This may also include the culture you receive through events. Yes, the training and announcements you hear there first hand are amazing – but the culture extends to the travel together, maybe sharing rooms or a team dinner. These are all important things to consider when you are wanting your team to duplicate.

And, it may go without saying at this point – but I want to stress the importance of it… This is why you need to be there too. How can you expect your team to attend events while you sit out on the sidelines. The environment you create, and position yourself in is key.

Overall, your team will do what you do.

Network marketing should be about leaders creating new leaders. This can only happen from creating solid duplication throughout. You want your team to recruit their own prospects and team members and be able to duplicate what you did for them. This can only happen when you have shown them the way. Start duplication early – if not immediately.

This will set the tone for what I hope, is a bright and prosperous future for all of you!

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