doubled my engagement

How I DOUBLED my Engagement using Stories in 14-Days

Let’s talk about Facebook Stories and, how I doubled my engagement in only 14-days. See, I’ve been using both Facebook and Instagram stories for some time now. And, although I don’t claim to have it all figured out, right now I definitely know what’s working.

So, today’s the day I want to share that with you!

How I Doubled my Engagement

… and how you can too!

So first things first, like all things when it comes to business you have to be consistent. You will never attain the results you are hoping (and working) for if you’re one day on a few days off, right? Planning this, may take a little bit longer in the beginning however, the more consistent you are the easier it will be.

Not to mention, don’t ever hesitate to create content to bank for later. This will be especially helpful for you on those busier days.

If you have been following me for a while you know I love the 3 E’s;

  1. Empower
  2. Educate
  3. Entertain

This, is no different when it comes to stories.

Let’s break this down a little bit.

Empower your Audience

A great way to create stories consistently, and how I doubled my engagement, was through quotes or images I found empowering. These may have been things I came across on social media, Google, or otherwise. Grab a quick screenshot and upload it to your story.

Be sure to take advantage of the different Facebook Stories options as well. Things like ‘feelings’, locations and so on.

Educate your Audience

Please note: educate does not mean sell. Creating stories that can help boost your engagement can be as simple as sharing tips you may have found in a magazine article or book. It can also mean you sharing valuable insight into a solution your product or service offers. These should be quick tidbits and ones that encourage your audience to reach out.

This is not where you are promoting your business. Instead, it is used to demonstrate to your viewers that you are resourceful and willing to share that knowledge with them.

Entertain your Audience

I know this one can be tough for people to grasp on why entertaining content would have contributed to my doubled engagement these last 14 days. But guess what? Most people who come online to a social media platform do so to be entertained, nosey, supported, etc. They are not looking to be sold to. Including entertaining content through your stories will leave people with all those healthy emotions we want them to feel, right?

Additionally, you may find your most engaged upon stories are the ones that are entertaining. Capitalize on this — when they are showing you what they want, deliver on that.

Are you using Facebook or Instagram stories currently? What have your results been like? Are you open to a challenge in this area? Be sure to plug into our Facebook Community where we have ongoing challenges like Stories, to help you stay consistent, accountable and overall having fun!


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