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How to Create Curiosity Posts without Sounding Desperate

When it comes to posting on social media, as a network marketer, you know that being able to create engaging posts is critical. And this can be easier said than done. You may have thought that just posting your product or service was enough.Everyone would be running your way with a credit card in hand. Well, sorry to inform you this is not the case (as you may be learning). The truth is, it looks desperate.

And effective sales or marketing is to steer clear of making that impression.

Don’t be that Electronics or Furniture Sales Person.


You know, the one we all know too well!

Think about the last time you went to purchase a new television or couch. When you walked into the store, how quickly were you greeted? This can dictate two things almost immediately;

  1. Excellent customer care or,
  2. Commission sales-based store

Think about the salesperson as you replied, ‘just looking today.’ What was their next move? Follow you around anyways? Make awkward small talk? Make suggestions without being asked? Did you find your personal space getting smaller and smaller? Was the pressure kicking in?

Or, did they say something like ‘no problem, let me know if you need anything.

Apply this same thought process to your Facebook engagement. Just because someone comments on your post or video doesn’t mean they want you to go into seller mode.

Open a conversation here, and bring it to messenger. When we post blatant product or service posts, we share the same pushy vibe as the salesperson mentioned above.

And, we know that when we feel pressured, chances are we don’t buy anything from the store – at least not that day. This is why learning to create curiosity posts is critical to avoid sounding desperate.

People don’t ‘follow‘ those who Sound Boring or Desperate.


You can be promotional if you’re also being helpful, generous, and authentic.

To create the best curiosity-driven social media content, you can enhance engagement by being generous with information.

And here’s the secret: you can blend that with a mention of you and the benefits your products or service offer. Additionally, this is provided you don’t oversell and stay helpful during the ‘mention.’

People come to your page wanting to find something to engage with, and when you hit the nail on the head and address a problem they can relate to or a struggle that everyone has, you are likely to earn a spot on their social media favorites or ‘follow first.’

Think of it this way: each time you interact on social media, you provoke some reaction from your audience – interest, education, laughter, or curiosity.

This means that your social media posts should be aimed at creating a helpful, generous, and funny presence as often as possible.

While you don’t have to solve all of your followers’/friends problems, a few social media posts that show them you relate to their lives will make them want to engage with you more regularly.

Create Curiosity by Being Social with your Audience


Any good network marketer knows that the headline of a post or that opening line is the essential part. 80% of people read headlines, and only 20% read the complete copy. Therefore, a great headline can go a long way toward more traffic and engagement. Of course, this applies to Facebook Live titles too!

Consider playing with the headlines a bit to make your social media posts more fun. Instead of writing a boring, information-only few words, consider playing with headlines that will fire up your readers’ curiosity or make them laugh.

It is critical not to overthink this part.

Take a few minutes and think about what makes you curious or want to know more. Many times, if you start with that, the rest comes easy. For ideas, scroll through what more prominent brands are doing, or your email subject lines are an excellent area for pictures.

Ask for an Opinion or a Response 


Now, this opinion or response should not include soliciting sales – let’s be clear. When we reference asking for an idea or asking people to do something like respond, this can also be called a call to action. Despite what we believe, we like to be told what to do as humans. If you want people to comment, ask them a question and say, ‘let me know what you think below!’.

It may feel awkward for you at first, but in doing so, you cover two things;

  1. Opening the door that it’s OK to comment on the audience’s thoughts or opinions and,
  2. You subliminally tell the reader/viewer what to do.


Some great ideas for posts that generate responses are;

  1. Option posts (coffee or tea, summer or winter)
  2. Caption this (show an image you want others to caption)
  3. Favorite recipes, electronics, vacation spots, etc.


These posts are not only super effective, but when you align them with your product, service or brand, they are excellent customer research.

For example, if you are in skin care — ask a question such as; favorite face cream. Alternatively, if you are in the weight loss market — ask a question such as; favorite low cal recipes or do you exercise?

These great conversation starters are a perfect way to warm up and pique your audience’s curiosity without ever needing to sound desperate!

We would love your thoughts, and feel free to include some excellent curiosity content that has worked for you in the comments below!

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