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How to Deal with Drama in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a relationship business. There are going to be people with strong personalities who will disagree at times. And guess what? That’s OK! Diversity can bring strength in and of itself. However, how you deal with drama is important. Some might like to think it is one of those things if you ignore it, it will go away. This unfortunately, is untrue.

Some things that may fall under drama in Network Marketing are;

  1. The company did something that you didn’t agree with. Could be policies and procedures related. May include incentives or bonuses.
  2. You had people that tried to cross recruit your team, to their team within the same company.
  3. People on your team that left and tried to recruit your current team to another company. This one happens far too often, however I have a few thoughts on this one I will share shortly.
  4. Part of your team didn’t like their sponsor and only wanted to work with you and not them.
  5. And really, we could go on and on. But, Network Marketing drama is really anything that will hurt the growth and morale of your team and it’s culture.

So how do you handle this in a professional way? 

This post is designed to give you ways to deal with drama effectively, and in a way that frankly results in everyone getting back to business. Literally.

People who engage in ‘drama’ will usually attempt to drag other people into the drama created, as a way of gaining the wrong attention — and, not wanting to do it alone. You see, many people are driven by gossip or bad news. You have probably heard the saying that bad news will always travel faster than good news. This isn’t any different when it comes to your network marketing business. So, the general rule of thumb should always be this …

Bad news, gossip, drama, complaints, etc., should always go upline, not downline.

Arguments over who should work with who. People loaning money to others or products. Gossip. Hurt feelings. Disagreements about recognition. Religious or political debates. People having affairs.

Some of it can be avoided, and some of it is virtually out of the control of an upline leader. Which is what makes this one of the most difficult categories of momentum killers. Therefore, finding solutions may need a little creativity and strong leadership.

Most of the issues relating to drama, is situational. And every case is different, so it’s tough to give specific suggestions on how to deal with it. The best advice is, if there’s drama on the team, ask an experienced, upline leader how they would handle the specific situation. Ideally, someone who will not be attached to the outcome.

Eliminating any Tolerance of Negativity

We believe, in tolerance and acceptance. One of the best things about the network marketing industry is that anyone, from any walk of life, can get started and succeed. But, there’s one thing that should not be tolerated in any team — Negativity.

Negativity is a virus within an organization, and if it’s allowed to remain, it’ll spread through the team and infect them all. Unfortunately, we have seen entire organizations fall apart as a result of this type of infection.

This might be controversial, but some leaders have had to actually remove people from an organization because of this.  It hasn’t happened often, and it’s not fun. Usually, a person like this will fade away on their own, especially if you have a strong, positive team.

drama network marketing

Peer pressure will either help them change, or drive them away.

However, there have been times when someone was just flat out committed to being a whining, negative, fear and doubt-spreading disease to the group. Better to remove the infection than let it spread.  Seriously.

If you find yourself in this position, get help from a strong, upline leader, and handle it as delicately as possible.  Just like firing someone from a traditional business, it’s not enjoyable by any means. And, there are policies you want to ensure you are adhering to if it should ever reach this level.

But a leader has to do what a leader has to do to protect their organization.

When handled correctly, your team will only reap the positives and you can get back to business as usual.

Protect your Team Culture from Drama

This does not mean you walk around pointing fingers, ready to chop down anyone threatens your ‘team culture‘. You yourself cannot protect an entire city (team).

You protect a large city with walls!

Set up boundaries where they are needed most. Be clear and tactful in expressing to a potential ‘threat’ what is and what is not acceptable. Finding agreement and compromise is ideal. And, when we manage disagreements and drama head on – what we often find is the negative was as a result of misunderstanding.

The culture of your team is what drives productivity, sales, participation, recognition, and everything else good about this industry.

It is worth protecting.

Remember, there are people on your team that are hanging on – barely, hoping and praying that this network marketing thing is going to work. They may not have as much conviction or belief in this model as you do at this point. And, may not have made any money or recruited anyone as yet.

You do not want to destroy that seed of hope and belief they have because it is very delicate.

If you nurture that belief and keep things positive, you could be the leader that helps them change their lives. Ultimately, if you let drama step in and take hold of your team, it could destroy their chance of changing their lives with this vehicle – forever.

Lastly, here are three (3) main things you may want to consider to help eliminate drama infringing on the growth and development of your team.

  1. Become better at qualifying prospects before recruiting them to your team. We appreciate recruiting a new team member can be an exciting time. And, may even be difficult to understand now why you may want to consider turning some people away. But, it is better to miss out on a recruit now, than have them taint your entire team later.
  2. Avoid becoming attached to the outcome. It sounds easy enough but this is a skill set that you will always be improving on. Strong mindset and leadership skills will help you enormously here. Remember you are leading a volunteer army.  You never know what is going to change for someone that could impact their business.
  3. Never stop recruiting. Your business activity will determine the speed of growth in your team.  You should always be building your business. Attrition is normal and people are going to quit.  Life happens which will ultimately affect the long-term growth of your business.  But when you are consistently recruiting, your team is always growing and you are better prepared when a team member, moves on.

Overall, drama is never a good thing in a network marketing business. It is important to deal with it as soon as your are told or hear about it. Ignoring it, will not make it go away – it will only fester into something bigger. Your team is looking to you for guidance, and watching how you react — make them proud.

Have you had to deal with drama in your business?

What did you find worked best? Would love your feedback in the comment section below!

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drama in network marketing