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How To Get More Customers Using Instagram Reels

Are you curious how to get more engagement and attract customers using Instagram Reels? Good! You’re in the right spot because, in this post and video (make sure you check it out too!) I’m going to share with you my top tips for making that happen.

Instagram Reels is the perfect place to share fun, behind-the-scenes glimpses into who you are and, a way to showcase your brand. Additionally, they can (and should) be casual and light and can offer sneak peaks at your products or services.

The casual format of Instagram Reels helps remove some of the pressure that comes with producing and editing video or presenting a live video. So take a deep breath and let’s get started.

You Want More Customers Using Instagram Reels


First things first: Instagram Reels come with a ton of their own editing tools. And, similar to most social media platforms — use their native-to-the-platform tools to publish. Meaning, use THEIR filters, captions, music and things that will make your reel pop instead of editing elsewhere and uploading to IG.

This will ensure more exposure because let’s be honest, Instagram likes when you use what they’re giving you instead of creating outside of their platform. So stay native to their resources and upload organically.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram Reels?


I recommend, posting 3-5 reels per week. A great way to keep this consistent is consider batching your content. This means, create the reels and store for later when you’re ready to post. If you’re anything like me, there are days I’m super fired up to create and other days … well .. not so much.

Being aware of this, I always create a bank of content on the days I’m feeling excited and inspired to do so.

This has helped me stay consistent across my own marketing efforts and, my clients (and customers) LOVE consistency.

Once you’ve created this habit over the next several weeks — this will help you cultivate data using the business dashboard inside Instagram on which ones are working and which ones were a flop.

Track, Review & Adjust 


Data is your friend — and not just for the Green Personalities either! The more data we are able to review the better we become at delivering content our audience wants, moving forward.

We have all experienced a DUD. You know .. the ones that your audience just didn’t care much for. Minimal if any engagement, no one reaching out and certainly no shares — pay attention. And on the flip side of that … this data will also tell you which ones were a hit and, encourage you to create MORE of those.

Seems simple enough, right?

BE consistent.

BATCH your content.

REVIEW the data.

DELIVER on what your audience wants. 


When you visit the video above on YouTube, I’ve also left you a few rookie mistakes that people are making and, how to be sure you’re not one of them!!

Instagram Reels are a POWERFUL tool for your business and I encourage you to play in that space more often. Here’s a more in depth post on creating them for your business — check it out here. Are you already experimenting or even mastering reels?

Let me know in the comments and feel free to drop your IG link so we can check you out AND support you!

Let’s work on getting you more customers in your business — today.

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New Customers using Instagram Reels