How Do Curiosity Posts Earn You Money?

The practice of curiosity is probably one of the most under utilized skills for earning (more) money. Think about it like this; how much of your success, personally and professionally, is because you had the mindset of curiosity. Chances are, you wanted to go beneath the surface and discover more. You were open to new experiences and decisions, right? So, why not give your audience that same opportunity?

You want people to remember you after they consume your content. Basically, you want to be on their mind when they wonder more about what you posted that peaked their curiosity.

Because if they remember you, they will tend to come back again when they want more of what you got.

Curiosity Drives Attention and Action

The key to getting remembered is to eat up as much attention as you can get from your audience. Often posts that are too long, or ones that hold no real substance are easily forgotten. Unless, you have peaked their curiosity. Think about when you scroll the newsfeed, what makes you stop and have a look?

Let’s use clothing as an example.

Picture yourself scrolling your newsfeed and you see this awesome pair of pants. The caption reads something along the lines of ‘probably my BEST buy ever — Everyone needs them'[insert fun emoji]. We both know curiosity got the better of you here, right? You don’t see a link so you probably clicked on the comments.

No mention of price or where to buy them, so what would you do next?

Consumer behavior tells us that you either;

  1. Left a comment inquiring how you get can a pair or,
  2. Sent the person a message to inquire about ordering

See how powerful that is? All, because of a well positioned product (pants), and a solid caption. No selling, no long winded post about why they’re the best — straight to the point.

Down for another example?

In this one, let us assume it is a gorgeous orange drink, in an icy mason jar with a little ribbon tied around it. The image would suggest it being outdoors because of the grass and blue sky in the background. The caption reads something like ‘a perfect cold drink for a hot summer day’.

Again, what would you do first?

Lucky for you People are Naturally Curious

And yet, knowing that people are eaten alive with curiosity, this skill is underused. Tremendously. When you include curiosity in the way you write your posts, you become that itch the reader wants to scratch. Now, this too can be done with longer posts but shorter ones and videos are probably to date, the most effective.

The primary reason for that is we know videos are just all around great things to create as they grab the scrollers attention almost immediately. Learning however to peak curiosity on video is a skill worth mastering. You of course do not want to come across as being secretive, but you also don’t want to blast out all the information either.

The best curiosity style posts for videos, are ones in which you share your story. We did a great post on that you can find here >> How to Tell your Story for Network Marketing Success.

And, when it comes to shorter posts to peak curiosity don’t complicate the process. Think back to when you first fell in love with your product; share that emotion. If you are in the health and wellness world, share a quick message like ‘gosh, a year ago I never would have pictured myself running a marathon, had to make my health a priority’. This will likely create some great engagement, and in turn will peak the right readers curiosity about how you were able to accomplish that.

At the very least, it will open up dialogue.

Three Simple Ways to Peak Curiosity in your Posts

  1. The introduction. Make sure you are setting the framework for building anticipation. This can be done with something as short as one sentence, or even emojis can elicit that reaction when they’re used effectively.
  2. Tell a short story. But, make sure you don’t finish it — this was done in the examples above, specifically with the pants. We shared that they were the best purchase ever, but then left them to hang out a bit.
  3. Whet their appetite a little. This is where you want to be mindful you are not giving it all away. Images can be really beneficial in this. Remember that cold orange drink?

Creating curiosity posts on social media will drive attention and engagement. It is then, through our relationship skills you can help convert that curiosity into conversions in sales and/or distributors. Just remember to keep it simple. This formula is only missing one piece …

You don’t have to be an expert.

In fact, you don’t even need to be a genius.

You don’t need to be a leader, you can be someone brand new.

All you have to do is one little thing …

See what I did there? (if not, read this post again I promise it’ll jump out at you!)

As always, love your feedback and if you wanted to leave a curiosity post or example in the comments that would be cool too!

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